Single Women Pension Scheme Telangana | Ontari Mahila Pension Telangana (Registration Process )

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Single Women Pension Scheme Telangana | Ontari Mahila Pension in Telangana (Registration Process )

Assisting the single women who are either not-married or have been separated from their husbands and do not have much financial support, is the main aim of the state government of Telangana. It has been designed for single and poor women only and the name of the program is Single Women Pension Scheme or Ontari Mahila Pension Yojana.

Single Women Pension Scheme Telangana Ontari Mahila Pension (Registration Process )

Name Of The Scheme Single Women Pension Scheme Telangana | Ontari Mahila Pension
Declared On 1st of April, 2017
Declared By Chief Minister of Telangana, Mr. K Chandrasekhar Rao
Supervised By District Collectors and the Department of Women Welfare And Pari-shad Development Officers (MPDOs) in rural and Municipal Commissioners in the cities
Key Audience State Women
Official Website

Key features of Ontari Mahila Pension Yojana

As there are many schemes, which have been targeted towards the empowerment of women, understating the features of Single Women Pension Scheme is mandatory for differentiation. The following are the key features of the scheme:

  1. Monthly pension to the single women – As per the guidelines of the scheme, the selected candidates will be provided with financial assistance from the state government. They will receive Rs. 1000 on a monthly basis.
  2. Monitored by district collectors – The task of collecting the data, making the verifications and then publishing the list of the selected candidates will be done by the respective district collectors of the areas.
  3. Number of beneficiaries – As per the reports of the state government, once implemented, the scheme will provide financial assistance to as many as 2 to 3 lakh candidates. The number is expected to increase once the implementation starts.
  4. Starting from the next April – Though the scheme has been announced during 2017, the pensions will be given from the next financial year, i.e. April, 2018. It will be put in gear after the state budget is declared in March, 2017.
  5. Conversion of the pension scheme into another – The helpless women will continue to acquire the monetary assistance till they do not attain the age of 65. Once they attain the age, the Single Women Pension program will be converted into pension for old age program.

Eligibility Criteria of the scheme

The following are the criteria that one will have to meet in order to become a part of the scheme:

  1. A resident of Telangana – As it is a state exclusive program, especially designed for the empowerment of women in Telangana, it is mandatory that the enrolling candidates are residents of Telangana.
  2. Income related limit – This women empowerment scheme will only permit those single women to enroll who belong to poor and backward classes. The yearly income of the candidate must not exceed 2 lakhs in the urban regions and 1.5 lakh in the village areas.
  3. Single women only – The scheme will only approve the application of those women who are single, meaning they do not have a husband or anyone else to provide them with financial assistance. They must be separated from the spouse for at last one full year to avail the benefits.
  4. Age related criteria – Single women must be separated for a period of at least one year and the age of the candidates in the urban areas is 35 years and in the villages, the age limit is 30 years. The age of all candidates must be 18 years or above.
  5. Candidates who are victims of acid attack or rape– To lend a helping hand towards those single women, suffering from the social stigmatization of acid attacks, and rape will also be considered on charitable grounds.
  6. If the candidate gets married or employment – In the meantime, if the candidate gets into a nuptial arrangement or bags a good job, the candidates will no longer get the financial assistance under the scheme.
  7. Cannot be recipient of any other pension scheme –If the applicants are already getting any pension or monetary assistance from either the central or the state government, will not be allowed to register under the scheme.
  8. Candidates suffering under superstitions – Getting girls married to the God, some Mathama or with some jogini is a common practice in the rural areas, where superstitions loom large. These women and the ones under the Parvathi pratha can also be a part of this scheme.

Important documents required for the scheme

The following are the list of legal papers that must be produced with the application form, for assisting the verification process:

  1. Aadhar Card – It is necessary that the candidates have their Aadhar card. The Unique Identification Code will assist the deserving candidates to get the financial aid and the government will also have a record.
  2. Residential proof – As the scheme will give benefits to the single women of Telangana, it is mandatory for the candidates to provide legal papers that will support the residential claims of the applicants.
  3. BPL certificate – For getting the benefits of the scheme, the candidates will have to provide proper Below Poverty Level certificates so that the deserving candidates can be short listed.
  4. Bank account details – Though the mode of payment has not been decided as of now, it can be said that the government will make the monthly transactions in the bank accounts. Thus, bank details are a must.
  5. FIR copy for acid victims – Under the policy, the victims of acid attacks who have been abandoned by their families, will be considered on philanthropic grounds, so that they do not have to suffer due to want for money.

How to get the application form?

As the particular program is only in its infancy, all the details are not clear as of now. According to the reports, the application form for applying under the scheme can be acquired from the office of the Municipal offices in urban areas and from MPD offices in the villages.

Last date of registration

As per the guidelines of the scheme, the application process will be started from the 8th of May and the last date of the registration process is 29th May. Submission of the forms will take place at the Mee Seva centers, at the 30 Municipal Commissioner offices and 31 Tehsildar offices, in the Greater Hyderabad region.

How to apply for the scheme?

As most of the information that has been divulged by the state government department is associated with the preliminary preparations for the implementation of Single Women Pension Scheme Telangana, we know that application can be made via offline methods.

  1. The information regarding the collection of the application from has been mentioned in the previous section.
  2. Then the application form must be filled with correct information. Then the candidate will have to attach the required documents for verification by the authorities. Check the application form properly.
  3. The filled application form must be submitted in the offices mentioned above. The form can also be submitted at the office of the district collectors. These officers will monitor all stages of data collection to verification to selection.

Budget of the scheme

After doing the number crunching, the accounts department of the state of Telangana has declared that the success of the scheme will come at a high price. As of now, they have said that the state will have to arrange for a whopping Rs. 34 Crore on a monthly basis to meet the financial requirements.

Difference between Single Women Pension and Asra Pension

The Single Women Pension is for those women who fall within the age bracket of 18 till 65 years who are poor and separated from their partners. But the Asra Pension scheme is designed for those who have already attained the age of 65 years. This pension scheme not only includes separated and widows, but also given a monthly pension of Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500 to patients who are suffering from HIV and to those craftsmen who are too old to earn their livelihood.

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