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Apply for Pregnancy Aid Yojana Scheme by Modi (6000 Rupee) | Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana

Apply for Pregnancy Aid Yojana |Pregnancy Aid Scheme by Modi (6000 Rupee) | Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana

One more gift to the women of Indian Republic from current Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi – “Pregnancy Aid Scheme or Garbhwati Mahila Yojana” which now renamed to Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana. That’s not the literal name but we will like to call it so for the time being to help identify the special benefit that the current central government of India has extended to the women of this nation on this New Year’s Eve.


Pregnancy Aid Scheme (MBP, Maternity Benefit Programme) | Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana

PM Modi has issued an important notification under which maternity benefits will also be provided by the government to those women who are either pregnant or are lactating. As the health condition and nutritional status is directly connected to the health of the children who has either take birth already or is in the womb. So it is very essential to provide necessary maternity benefits to all the women who are either in pregnant stage or in lactation stage. The govt. will provide cash incentives to all the eligible beneficiaries of the scheme.

Importance of maternity benefits for women

Below are some of the points which suggest why there is need of extra maternity benefits for each and every woman:

  • Those women who are going to have children should have proper nutritional care to be taken off during their pregnancy and after delivery.
  • Any degradation in the health conditions of the mother result in direct affect in health of the child. If a woman who is pregnant is under – nourished, the child who will take birth will also become under weight. This may also result in severe complications in later stages for both the mother and child.
  • So, women should be relieved from all their distress and works during the pregnancy period and also post pregnancy and allow them to have necessary rest which will be beneficial for the child.
  • If the pregnant woman continues to perform tedious work due to social distress or economic problems, the direct affect will be on the child.
  • Also, after delivery, both the mother and the child are very sensitive to any health disorders. So resume of work soon after childbirth is also harmful.
  • The breast milk of mother is most vital for every new born. For at least first six months, the new born should depend on breastfeeding. So in the woman is forced to work in this period ignoring breastfeeding of the child, this will make direct affect to the child’s overall health and growth.
  • Expanding the MBP scheme will also result in reduction of rates of mother mortality as well as infant mortality in the country.

Aim of Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana

The new MBP scheme is for providing necessary maternity benefits to all women who are either pregnant or lactating. Under this scheme, the govt. will issue a cash incentive to all the eligible beneficiaries. The total amount of cash incentive which will be provided to the beneficiaries is Rs. 6,000. This will be transferred to the beneficiary in three stages. The provision of expansion of MBP is a good initiative as this will compensate the working women depending on wages, with the government funded cash initiatives.

Eligible beneficiaries of the scheme

  • Any woman who belongs to the PW&LM category which means is either in pregnancy stage or has given birth to the child and is in lactating stage will get full benefits of the MBP.
  • The beneficiaries bust be resident of India with necessary residential certificate.
  • The women who are employees of state government, public sectors, central government, etc. will not be eligible for this cash incentive MBP as they already are provided with maternity benefits from their departments.
  • Apart from this, the benefit will only be provided for two live births per beneficiary.

Some important facts regarding the MPB scheme for PW&LM

  • The total cash incentive of Rs. 6,000 will be released in three installments. The first installment will be provided during the first trimester of pregnancy. The second installment will be issued during delivery of the child. And the third installment will be given post three months, during lactation period.
  • The first installment disbursement amount is Rs. 3,000. This will be provided only when there is a registration of pregnancy which may be during the first 3 months. Or another criteria for claiming this amount is by receiving one antenatal medical checkup.
  • The second installment amounts Rs. 1,500 which will be issued only when the beneficiary goes through institutional delivery.
  • The final installment of Rs. 1,500 will be provided after completion of three months of delivery. To claim this amount, the beneficiary should either produce birth registration certificate, or proof of BCG/DPT 1 &2/OPV vaccination of the child.
  • All payments will be done by direct bank transfers and no cash payments will be done. The beneficiaries should provide their bank or post office account details. Linking of Aadhar card with the bank/post office account is mandatory.
  • Near around 51 lakh beneficiaries will get direct benefits of this MBP scheme.
  • The scheme budget will be shared by both the central and the state governments. Total expected expenditure is around Rs. 12,661 crore.

Stages and Installment of Pregnancy Aid Scheme | Garbhwati Mahila Yojana

No Of Installments Stages Amount
1 In First Three Months 3000


2 At the Time of Delivery 1500


3 After 3rd month of delivery 1500


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  1. it was a amazing skim for women hand sop Modi Ji.!!!!

  2. Tarapatia chouhan

    Sir mujhe koi bhi facility nahi mila

  3. sab k sab chor hai or y scheme bhi Mahilao ko milne Wala Paisa aganwadhi wale kha jante hai or kuch babu log .


  4. Ye sb sirf kagajon pr hai. Reality me nahi. Maine personally dekha hai. Modi ji bhot kuch kr rhe hain pr sorf kagazon pr.


    Sar my wife name E.swathi she is delivered a baby but she have no Monye in pm scheme 6000 Pless give Money sar

  6. How can apply for the benefit of this scheme?
    I visited anganvadi Kendra but he didn’t any solutions…

  7. Alaka Kumbhoje

    Is there anyway to apply online for Pregnancy aid yojana?

  8. Sir
    U r already mention this scheme is for 2 live birth but at actual your people said that this is for 1st baby only kindly reply for this

  9. Hi team

    My name is Sahil Sharma and my wife’s name is mrs Bharti Sharma. We had a baby in Feb 2017 and the angan badhi team fill a form for this scheme but till now it’s been 1 and half hear but we don’t get any money for the same.please look into this. We leaved in Kalka #212 khera sita ram

  10. How long it takes for the money to get deposited in the account.

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