Pradhan Mantri Nai Manzil Scheme Yojana


Pradhan Mantri Nai Manzil Scheme Yojana

The students of Madrasas are taught in quite a traditional way.  At least this is what has been happening since ages.  The education is good in terms of religious teaching, however, it often misses on the contemporary education system and does not help students get a job or earn a living out of it.

This is why the Nai Manzil Scheme has been launched by the central government to enable students of madrasas to cope up with the contemporary education system and provide them skill training so that they could earn their leaving once they move out of the madrasas.

Pradhan Mantri Nai Manzil Scheme Yojana

As a matter of fact, modern subjects like English and science are still taught in madrasas, however, not all of them have these facilities and a support from the central or any other government.  This initiative from the government would serve to help these students adjust with the contemporary education.

Under Nai Manzil scheme the government would not only be providing modern education but would also empower these students with skill training that would help them compete with the competitive environment of job hunting.  As an observation, all the religious leaders and academicians are welcoming this scheme.

As per the government’s statistics, a total of more than 3 lakhs big and small madrasas are operating in India and this scheme would benefit all of them.  There is an average of about hundred students in all these madrasas and thus this scheme is going to benefit a total of more than three crore students.

As of now, the government plans to initiate the scheme in order to empower at least 5 thousand students in the first phases and then further expand the scheme to other students and madrasas.  The Maulana Azad Education Foundation would be frontrunner in providing all the necessary help in start and execution of the scheme, fairly supported by the Ministry of Minorities.

As per the sources from ministry itself, this project would be fund by central government with a gross of Rs 3,738 crore and the scheme would be applied on a pan India basis.  This would act as a rescue to thousands of Muslim students who somehow get their education from Madrasas, however fail to get an admission or a job in universities just because they do not have any standardized form certification.

For those students who would not be willing to take on the academic training, the scheme would provide an option for skill training so that they are skilled enough to work as skilled labor or get a job directly.  These skill based training may range from driving to security guards, to carpentry to tailoring to nursing assistants, etc.

Overall, this scheme would be a welcoming move by the religious leaders and such schemes would only enhance the productivity of youths studying in these madrasas.  This would ensure that they are not left behind in this competitive world just because of lack of any formal training or education.

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  1. I am just interacting with a family who is not capable of providing education to their children . They have only a Tea Stall for running their livelihood ,running in front of HARSHA HOSPITAL, FAIZULLAGANJ ,LUCKNOW . I just approached them and talked abt giving education to their children and told about the the NAYI MANZIL YOJANA SCHEME for educating the minorities and also providing skill development training . They are willing to educate their children .
    I am trying to contact Through Toll free no. 1800112001

  2. Respected Madam/Sir,
    Thanking you,
    This scheme very need full for Minority people.We are working in the field of development of Urdu Language etc.
    Minati Bindhani
    General Secretary

  3. we interacting with families those are not capable to providing education for their children . Our Organization also working for poor and needy students for education. NAYI MANZIL YOJANA SCHEME giving support for educating the minorities and also providing skill development training.

    So please provide link for this scheme

    I am trying to contact Through Toll free no. 180011200 not picking

    thanx with regards
    Nav Nirman Foundation, Sardulgarh

  4. kindly suggest how can we help to proper implementation of “Nai Manzil” yojna in Madhya Pradesh.

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