Yatri Mitra Sewa in Train

Yatri Mitra Sewa in Train

After launching a number of trains for the different categories of travellers, now the Indian Railway Ministry has taken another step to make the older and ill travellers comfortable in the stations. The IRCTC will now provide Yatri Mitra that is Travellers’ friend in all leading stations across the country. The service will be available for the travellers who are old, ill or differently able. To make them comfortable the railways will provide a sahayak or friend to assist the unable people.

Yatri Mitra Sewa in Train

Key Features

  • The Yatri Miytra Sewa is a provision by the Railway Ministry under which the elderly people, differently able and ill people will get an assistant (sahayak) to help them.
  • Under this sewa one can avail wheelchair or porter as well that can be helpful for those who are unable to walk. The wheelchairs need to be booked prior to journey.
  • The provision needs to be booked at the time of ticket booking for the journey. Once the booking is confirmed the assistant or the Mitra will be reached at the coach to help you out.
  • The sewa can be chargeable or can be free of cost. As of now the free of cost provision is not available as the NGOs and charitable trusts are not taking initiatives. But once they are agreed to take the initiative the free service will be started.


The sewa can be availed by any older people, differently able people and people with any sickness. Basically this service is for the people who are unable to walk or cover the platform area.


The sewa is introduced to serve the people who are unable to walk. There are many a people who are differently able, ill or simply unable to move themselves because of old age. The provision has started by the railway Ministry to make them comfortable.

Leading or big stations have long length platforms. One has to walk through the entire path to come out of the station or to catch the train. With this provision now people who are unable to walk due to injuries or old age or some other health issues can easily cover the area.

Other than Wheelchair cum porter and assistant there will be Battery operated cars in which people can carry their luggage as well along with the patients.


The Railways Ministry has said that the provision will be started with the help of NGOs, charitable trusts and Public Sector Units and such. These organisations will provide the assistance free-of-cost. If anyone among these organisations supports the initiative then the service will not require any charges. On the other if they don’t come forward to offer their help, then the provision might be chargeable like the provisions in airports.

As of now there is no response from the NGOs have been received by the Railways on this service. So initially the provision will be starting off as chargeable sewa.

How to book the service?

There are a number of ways through which the Yatri Mitra Sewa can be booked.

  • The service can be booked at IRCTC online ticket booking portal and also through the SMS service. One needs to text their details on the number 139 from their mobile and can book the service.
  • CRIS mobile application can also be used to book the service. CRIS is a mobile application that was developed by Railway Board. The application is available in Android phones. Through the app you can book the sewa.
  • There are specific phone numbers available for specific stations. If you have the phone number of the nearest railway station you are going to catch the trains from, then you can directly call them and book the service.
  • After booking the services you will get text message on your registered mobile number saying your booking details, PNR number, coach number and such. Also you will receive the assistant’s number and details via text message.
  • Through the CRIS mobile app you can check the status of your booking at any time from your smart phone. If you have booked the services through the app then you can easily check the details of the booking after confirming it through the app.


There will be two operations under this sewa. One will be at the time of departure of the beneficiary and other one is the time of arrival of the person.


  • Once the booking is being confirmed the contact number and name of the assistant will be sent to the traveller’s phone via text message.
  • The Sahayak will be waiting at the entrance area of the station from where the traveller will take the train to the desired destination.
  • The sahayak will meet and greet the traveller, show him/her the text message they have received to confirm their identity and then will help the beneficiary to seat on the wheelchair or in the car.
  • The assistant will take the luggage and take the travellers to the platform where his/her train will arrive. Once the train is arrived the shahayak will help them to settle down in the coach.


  • Once the train is arrived the assistant who has the passengers’ number and vice versa will reach at the coach to help them get down from the train.
  • The assistant or sahayak will show the text message he received to the traveller to ensure his identity, meet and greet them and will help the patient to get out of the train.
  • Shayak will help him to seat on the wheelchair, take his/her luggage and take them to the outside of the station building to settle down in car or cab. In case of train delay, they will contact the travellers over the phone.

Yatri Mitra Sewa – Points to Know

Service Yatri mitra Sewa
Launched on September 2016
Launched by Indian Railway Ministry
Provisions Wheelchair, Assistant, BOC
Storage of Wheelchair There will be special areas in leading stations where the wheelchairs will be parked.
Service Charges Applicable, charged & collected by service providers
Number of Wheelchairs There will be adequate wheelchairs and BOCs for this sewa from multiple service providers
Identity Proof All the service providers need to issue a special ID card signed by DCM, Sr. DCM of the concerning division.

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