Amma Mobile Scheme for SHG Women Employee In Tamil Nadu

Amma Mobile Scheme for SHG Women Employee In Tamil Nadu

The Self-help Group workers of Tamil Nadu were provided with free mobile phones which will assist the workers in maintaining and monitoring the activities in the SHGs. The phones and the special app will make the task easy and less time-consuming. It is mainly implemented for the empowerment of the women working in the SHGs.

Launch Details of the scheme

The name of the scheme is Amma Mobile Phones Yojana for SHG trainers. The official announcement of the scheme was made by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J Jayalalithaa. As the common people of the state call her “Amma,” meaning mother, the scheme has been named thus. She wanted to empower the SHG trainees and workers. Thus, she made the official announcement of the scheme on the 28th September, 2015. The also included the launch of Amma Mobile App for SHGs as well. The yojana is all set for its implementation and all activities will be monitored by the Tamil Nadu Women Development Corporation.

Key Features of Amma Mobile Scheme for SHGs

If you have any doubts about the scheme, then taking a look at the salient features of the program will help your cause.