Shaurya Smarak in Bhopal

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Shaurya Smarak in Bhopal MP Timing, Location, Entry Fees

It just cannot be denied that any post in Indian Army is regarded as one of the most honorable posts of India. And we are well aware that our PM Modi has been doing all in his power to provide the deserving respect to the Indian Army officials and jawaans. Now that being said, PM Modi will inaugurate the Shaurya Smarak in Bhopal. And this will also be addressed for the veterans at the Shaurya Samman Sabha. This will be an emblem created in memory for those war veterans and army jawaans who led their lives while fighting for this country.

Shaurya Smarak in Bhopal

A mark of patriotism and encouragement

A lot of people are of the opinion that this memorial took place at just in the right moment after India successfully launched a surgical strike against terrorism. This is going to be a really great way for respecting the jawaans who gave their lives for the protection of this country. The nation will be indebted to them forever. According to the statements of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, this is not just a mark of respect, but it will also encourage the masses to join the Indian Army. One of the best features of this emblem is, this is the first of its kind. The country did not have any similar emblem as a mark of respect for the Indian Army.

A few details of the Shaurya Smarak memorial emblem

Let us have a look at the details of the emblem. According to the construction plan of the emblem, this is going to have a light and sound facility that will narrate the stories of bravery for each and every individual soldier in their emblem. These men laid out their lives on the border without thinking twice. And the people deserve to know what these people have been through for protecting the common people. It was mentioned by Chouhan that the first Shaurya Smarak will be constructed on the floor of State Assembly while the project was being formatted.

The origin of idea of Shaurya Smarak

So why did the idea of Shaurya Smarak come up? The idea of this Shaurya Smarak originated in the year 2008. It was the speakers who thought that there was not a single construction as a war memorial after the Second World War was over. And this is why Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan declared that the Shaurya Smarak will be built in Madhya Pradesh. During that time, the primary concern was why young Indian men were not any more willing to join the Indian army? There were more than 6000 vacancies and people were just too scared to join Indian Army.

The reason was Indian Army personnel did not receive proper recognition from the government even after they laid their lives on different war after the Independence. As stated by former general Deepak Kapoor, Army did not have its deserved respect, and if there is no respect, then why would be people willing to join the Army. As a discussion, it came up that, there is no national war memorial after India Gate, yet four wars have been fought and thousands of soldiers were martyred. This is where the idea of Shaurya Smarak originated.

The additional features of Shaurya Smarak

There were also differences of opinion regarding the construction of Shaurya Smarak. A lot of people were of the opinion that just a single column for the martyred soldiers is not going to be a complete idea. And this is why a combination of light and sound facility was added, which finally became a feature of the memorial. A few more days were spent for adding the lights and sounds, library and war displays. Remember that this is not a national, but a state war memorial.

A tabular overview of Shaurya Smarak Memorial in Bhopal

SL NO Facts to Know Brief Details
1. Total area of land for Shaurya Smarak 12 acres
2. Length of Shaurya Stambh 62 foot
3. Additional features An amphitheatre, galleries to display the history of armed forces.
4. Time period for construction 6 years
5. Total cost for construction of Shaurya Smarak 41 crore
6. Placement of foundation stone February 2009
7. Idea of Shaurya Smarak The idea was initiated during second Colonel Ajay Mushran Memorial Lecture at India habitat center in New Delhi
8. Place of Shaurya Smarak Arera Hills in Bhopal



The Madhya Pradesh government has already completed the construction of Gallantry Memorial at Bhopal. Now, the CM of Jharkhand has decided that a similar gallantry memorial will be constructed in Ranchi. This memorial will be established in front of the old prison premise, located near Birsa Munda Memorial Park. The construction of this memorial will be done on 5 to 10 acre of land. The memorial will be established to honor the lives of brave soldiers from this state. In this memorial park, plaques, highlighting the names of such soldiers will be kept.

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