Sharing and Caring Scheme in Punjab

Sharing and Caring Scheme in Punjab

The Sharing and Caring Scheme launched by the governor of Punjab which indicates that by such sharing and caring one can have stronger unity within the nation as well as in the healthy society. V.P Singh Badnore, the administrator of the scheme and UT Chandigarh were present on the inauguration ceremony of this particular scheme. On the inauguration day they addressed the detailed of the scheme to the people and the benefits that are associated with the scheme.

Sharing and Caring Scheme in Punjab

In the day of inauguration the governor of the state said that when you are sharing and caring among yourself then you are not only developing a brotherhood and the feeling of love among yourself but also you are creating a healthy society and thereby resulting in a strong nation.

Benefit of the scheme

The governor has also allowed the people to have better training facilities and the training facilities to have the concept of first aid and that helped the people across the state to have care for the people and that result in the relief to the patients. The treatment has facilitated people to have the first aid before visiting the hospital. Thus the affected people would not have to suffer much and the people dying out of suffering will also be reduced.


There are certain declarations that are made by the governor regarding the training that are provided to the students in the schools. According to the declarations the following statement is made and these statements are listed as follows: