Mukhya Mantri Shadi Anudan Yojana In Uttar Pradesh [Online Form, Status]


Apply in Shadi (Vivah) Hetu Anudan Yojana In Uttar Pradesh Online Form 2018-19 [] [Status Check, List] शादी अनुदान योजना 

Assisting poor and backward classes financially, during the marriage of the girls is nothing new in the state of Uttar Pradesh. There was a reform during the reign of Akhilesh Yadav and there is one during the rule of the present CM. Under the Shadi (Vivah) Hetu Anudan Yojana, the government of UP will provide money for lessening the financial burden of poor families.

Shadi Anudan Yojana Uttar Pradesh

Name Of The Scheme Shadi Hetu Anudan Or Vivah Hetu Anudan Yojana In UP
Latest Announcement On April, 2017
Launched By Akhilesh Yadav
Continued By CM of UP Yogi Adityanath
Official Website
Toll Free Number 18004190001
Helpline Number 415167271; 9452817708

Key features of Shadi (Vivah) Hetu Anudan Yojana

Understanding the features of the scheme will become easy once you read the points mentioned here:

  1. Financial assistance for the poor families – It has been stated in the draft of the program that the beneficiaries will receive financial assistance from the UP government for successfully arranging the marriage ceremony and paying the medical bills of underprivileged women. For marriage purpose, the government will give Rs. 20,000 and government also provide Rs. 10, 000 for medical assistance.
  2. Putting a stopper on illegal marriages – In many rural areas, people still indulge in child marriages. If not that, poor families arrange marriages for those girls who have not yet attained the legal age of 18 years. The scheme and the financial assistance will encourage people to refrain from illegal marriages.
  3. Creating alertness among people – Due to the infrastructure and low education in the rural areas and some urban regions, the condition of destitute female is not up to the mark.

Eligibility Criteria for the scheme

The following are the eligibility criteria for enrolling under the scheme:

  1. Must be a resident of UP – The scheme has been designed by the state government of UP for providing benefit to the women and young girls, living in the state. For acquiring the monetary assistance, the candidates need to be a resident of Uttar Pradesh.
  2. Must fall in the lower income group – The scheme has been designed for the development of the condition of poor and backward classes. Thus, any candidate who wants to get the benefits must not have a yearly income that exceeds the Rs 56,460 mark in cities and Rs. 46,080 in rural locations.
  3. No distinction on cast basis – Last but not the least; poor people who fulfill the above mentioned criteria will be permitted to enroll under the scheme. Distinction will not be made on the basis of their caste. Thus, ST/SC/OBC and all other sections will get the perks of the program.
  4. Must be a female – The main objective for the implementation of the scheme is the empowerment of women. Thus, the candidates have to be women for getting the benefits of the program.

Documents required for the scheme

The following is the list of the legal papers, which must be attached with the application form:

  1. The Aadhar Card is mandatory – The Aadhar Card will not only provide valuable information about the person but will also assist the state government in keeping a track of the number of people who have been benefitted under the scheme.
  2. Cast certificate – As the scheme has been designed for meeting the requirements of the poor and backward classes, they will have to produce their cast certificate (ST/SC/OBC etc) with the application form for verification.
  3. Certificate of income – There is an income requisite that the candidates will have to meet. To assist the verification of this aspect, the applicants will have to attach an income certificate with the application form.
  4. Certificate of age – The UP state government will provide monetary assistance for the marriage of those poor girls who are or above the age of 18 years. Thus, to make this confirmation, the age certificate is a must.
  5. Marriage certification is required – If the applicants want to acquire the financial assistance for marriage, the attachment of the proper marriage certification documents is required. If this document is not provided, the application will not be approved.
  6. Residential proof – As the scheme has been designed exclusively for the state of UP, the applicants will have to furnish papers which will support the claim that they are residents of the said state.
  7. Details of the bank account – It is mandatory for the applicants to provide their bank account details with the registration form. It is because all the transactions will be made via the banks. There is no scope for cash transaction in liquid form.
  8. Widow or disability certificate – Last but not the least; the candidates opting for the financial assistance for medical purpose have to prove that they are alone or are disabled. Thus, a disability certificate or a widow certificate is a must.

How to get the application form for Shadi (Vivah) Hetu Anudan Yojana

For acquiring the benefits under the scheme, the applicants will have to fill and submit an application form. The only process by which you can get the registration or the application form is from the official website of the scheme. By clicking on the authorized site of the UP government, you can acquire the online form for the program.

How to apply (registration process) for Shadi (Vivah) Hetu Anudan Yojana

  1. All you need to do is click on the class category, under the “New Registration” link and another tab will open up that contains the actual form.

Shadi (Vivah) Hetu Anudan Yojana Application

  1. In the first section of the form, the applicant will have to provide the general details of the bride like the name, address, contact details, and many more.
  2. Once the form fill up is complete, the scanned copy of the Aadhar card of the bride and her photograph must be uploaded for the purpose of verification.

Shadi (Vivah) Hetu Anudan Yojana Application Form

  1. The second section of the form contains the wedding details. The age details of the bride will be required here and the scanned copies of the age certificate and marriage certificate must be uploaded.
  2. The third part of the form deals with the information of the annual income of the bride’s family. Here, the applicant will have to choose one opting from the drop down menu.

Shadi (Vivah) Hetu Anudan Yojana Application Form 2

  1. The last section of the form deals with the bank account details for the grant money transfer. Here, the applicant will have to enter the bank’s name, account number, IF code and also upload the scanned copy of the bank passbook.
  2. Lastly, for the successful submission of the form, the applicant will have to type in the capchat code in the right field and then click on the “Submit” button.

Budget for the scheme

A scheme like this has to be labor and cost intensive. Though the central government has promised to assist the Yogi government in the endeavor, the state budget gas allocated a whopping 400 crores for the success of the scheme. Reaching out to a maximum number of female candidates is the main aim of the Uttar Pradesh government.



Chief Minister Marriage Grant Scheme in Uttar Pradesh

Many state governments have already implemented special schemes, which offer financial assistance to marriageable girls who don’t come from financially sound families. The UP government also has a scheme that goes by the name Chief Minister Marriage Grant Scheme. Under this project ST, SC and poor general caste applicants will be able to enroll and get Rs. 20,000 cash from the state authorities. In this respect, 8556 candidates had already submitted the online registration form. After scrutiny, applications of 1152 candidates were cancelled on several ineligibility grounds. The necessary scrutiny will be done by the officers in block development offices. The money offered to these applicants can be used for arranging necessary things for the marriage

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