Samajwadi Namak Vitran Yojana in UP

Samajwadi Namak Vitran Yojana

In India there are many families whose economic condition is not very good and they cannot afford healthy food. Due to this factor the children and also elders of such families are seen to have certain typical diseases or health condition that eventually become serious to the extent of life taking. Keeping these factors in mind the government India has been launching different scheme under which food grains are given to such poor families at a subsidized rates.

Samajwadi Namak Yojana

But it has been noted that in certain areas of the country the children of the poor families the instance of anemia is being seen highly. Now this happens due to the lack of iodine and iron in the body. This mainly happens due to the lack of consumption of salt or consumption of salt which itself lacks in iodine and iron, meaning that of poor quality.

Keeping this in mind the Uttar Pradesh government, under the leadership of Chief Minster Akhilesh Yadav, has launched this Yojana under which the state government if the state would take the initiative of distributing salt to the poor people of the state at a subsidized rate.

Features of the scheme

S.No Things Need to Know Detailed Information
1 Scheme Name Samajwadi Namak Vitran Yojana (SNVY)
2 Aim To sell salt in subsidized rate
3 Who Launched this scheme Mr.