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Apply and Register for Saksham Yojana in Haryana

Apply and Register for Saksham Yojana in Haryana

Unemployment is one of the major concerns in the country; with many youngsters struggling to find a proper job for them the government of India is taking a lot of effort in meeting this problem and also came up with scheme which deals with the problem of unemployment.

Saksham Yojana Scheme in Haryana

In order to provide quality education for low cost to the poor people of the state the Haryana state government recently established the new education scheme named as Saksham Yojana, which also known as the Saksham Shikshit Yuva Sammanit Hua. This new scheme will be implemented with the aid of central government support.

This scheme is for the benefit of the youth of the state of Haryana who are educated enough but are still unemployed. As a part of this scheme the youth of the state who have post graduate degrees will be given jobs in different government and private departments of the state so as to improve their and their family’s socio-economic status.

Important details about the scheme Saksham Yojana

  • Under this scheme the youth who are unemployed and are registered to the employment exchange department will be given jobs in different sectors.
  • It is noted that around 1100 PG youths across the Haryana state are registered in employment exchange and about more than 30k PG employed youths are expected to register soon. The target would be to first provide employment to the registered candidates and then reach out to the ones who are not registered yet.
  • Under this scheme the government of Haryana is identifying candidates and providing them jobs in private and public banks in different positions. Around 51 Un-employed youths from Hisar district has been offered job.
  • An amount of Rs.324 crore has been invested for this scheme in order to provide employment to the unemployed post-graduates of the state. This scheme is applicable for the domiciles of Haryana only.
  • In order to avail this scheme the candidate has to be a resident of Haryana for five or more years. Apart from this the candidate has to have a post-graduate degree from Haryana, Delhi or Chandigarh University.
  • Under this scheme the unemployed youth will be given Rs.9000 per 100 hours of work that they do in a month. The registration for the scheme can be done online, or by registering to the employment exchange. The online registration can be one by visiting

This Saksham scheme comes as a beneficial one for the people of the state of Haryana, especially for the youngsters who were unemployed until now. With the successful implementation, the unemployment rates in the state expected to get decrease.

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