Rewa’s Development Schemes Put Under Microscope by Energy Minister

Rewa’s Development Schemes Put Under Microscope by Energy Minister

Rajendra Shukla, Minister of Mineral Resources, Energy and Public Relations suddenly decided to put Municipal Corporation of Rewa under microscope of scrutiny. Simply put, all development schemes that are currently running under Rewa’s Municipal Corporation were reviewed by Minister Shukla.

He gave a major stress on ensuring that the beneficiaries of various welfare schemes targeted towards Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and financial and economically stunned sections of the society be directly benefited.

Apart from that mandate, Minister Shukla seemed unhappy about the lack of proper coordination among different departments of the state government and the municipal corporation and directed that steps be taken to improve coordination for more effective work. Sticking with the coordination issue, the Minister subtly warned that poor coordination and human errors leading to misery for beneficiaries of pension scheme is not acceptable.

Turning his focus on Saadhikar Abhiyan, the Minister was again met with disappointment and clarified the need for a pro-active approach along with a more robust implementation strategy which will ensure that the beneficiaries of the Abhiyan are not only identified but are also rewarded with the proposed benefits.

Among other development schemes that were swept by the minister’s scrutiny radar were Project Swarg and Yuva Udyami Yojana. Talking about Project Swarg, Minister Shukla stated that the idea of collecting waste from every household should not be limited to just a few wards but should be implemented properly across all 45 wards that fall under Rewa Municipal Corporation. He also said that rickshaws be implemented in every ward for waste collection from every household. Apart from that, the Minister also directed the Municipal Corporation to ensure that consent letters be collected from ward residents by corporators of each ward so that eventually the Project Swarg can be implemented across the city.

Speaking about Yuva Udyami Yojana, the Minister directed that the NOCs need to have a system of single window. The Minister looked happy with toilet construction progress but still stated that cleanliness in Rewa should be a primary aim of everyone and it can be achieved only if those who are in charge of implementing the development works work honestly to their full capacity.

It appears that the ministry is keen on making sure that everything works as intended for the benefit of the common masses. What do you think? Will it happen? Do let us know.

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