Dec 302017

Residential Schools for SC Girls

The central government of India has given approval to the initiative of establishing residential schools for the girl students from the scheduled caste category. Modi government will provide monetary assistance to the state governments for building such schools. Also there will be other fringe benefits such as recreations and so on for the students.

Launch Details

On the last week of December 2017, the central government has given nod to this scheme. The authority has stated that they are ready to fund for building these schools across the nation. As of now budget or costing of the scheme hasn’t been declared by any of the authorities.

Main Key Features

  • Objective: The main objective of the scheme is to encourage girls from backward community to take up higher education. Most of them, especially in rural areas, stop studying after a point of time due to financial restrictions or some other social reasons. This will be a huge initiative to enhance their educational background.
  • Funds for recreation & running cost: The central government will release funds for not only establishment of the schools but also will provide some more benefits like furniture, gardens and some other recreation. Also the central has promised to fund a portion of running cost for initial 3 years of running the school.

Eligibility criteria

  • The schools will only be for the girls who are belonging to scheduled caste category.
  • According to the reports, these residential schools must have from 6th to 12th Girls from SC community of class 6 start studying in these schools. That means primarily the students must be educated to get into these schools.

Implementation of the scheme

  • State governments that are interested to start such residential schools are needed to prepare a detailed project report on this matter. Before that the state has to allot land for the schools. The allotted land must be government property and should be free of cost.
  • State governments have to submit that project report along with land allocation documents to the central government. Central will validate the reports along with the location and such. If everything goes in favour of the state, the funds will be released by the central government.
  • State government will have to initiate the process of building the schools and further implementation of the scheme. They have to manage all the operations and implementation on daily basis.

It will be a part of existing scheme namely Babu Jagjivan Ram Chhatrawas Yojana. Under this scheme students (boys and girls) from SC community get residential facilities from the government. All these schemes help them to get educated and get a bright career.

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