Air India Rajdhani Scheme Yojana | Waitlist Passengers

Air India Rajdhani Scheme Yojana | Waitlist Passengers

The waitlist passengers of Rajdhani Train will be rejoiced by the news that they will be able to upgrade to Air India flight in case of unconfirmed tickets. This is a huge step taken by the IRCTC and Air India collectively. The passengers will not need to pay anything if they have booked 1st Class Ac Ticket on the train. The service will only be available to those who could not take their journey. Seat of the waiting passengers will be reserved in Air India if the flights are available from his location to his destination. 

Rajdhani Waitlist Passengers to get Air India flight tickets

Tie up Details between Air India and IRCTC 

Air India has tied up with IRCTC to provide flight tickets to the passengers who could not take their journey because of being on the waitlist of Rajdhani train. The passengers can actually get an upgrade and their seat will be reserved by Air India. The Air India has tied up with IRCTC and both of the organizations have started this project on June. The ticket price will vary according to the seats booked in the train. 

Waitlist Problems of the Passengers 

The train tickets of India have a long list of reservation and it is often seen that the passengers have to wait till the last day to get confirmed about their seat. The passenger often can’t manage any other option due to lack of time as they have to wait till the very last day. The unconfirmed passengers are put on a waitlist and the passengers often complain that they could not visit their destination. Most of the passengers want to travel by train as it is the most comfortable vehicle but the reservation problem is a major issue to them.

Solution by Air India and IRCTC 

Air India and IRCTC have come forward to solve the problems of the passengers. The service of providing flight tickets is hoped to be rolled out with a full proof plan. Usually it is seen that the regular flights between large cities is not filled up completely with passengers and the seats go vacant. This process will help the waitlist passengers by giving them a seat in the flight with far more comfort and they would reach their destination quickly. The waitlist passengers will be helped by IRCTC. They will be given a message about flight tickets and their response will be required within a day. The official website of IRCTC will also provide flight ticket service to the passengers.

Cost Difference between Air India and IRCTC 

The passengers who have booked the 1st Class AC ticket of the Rajdhani Train will not need to pay anything more for Air India flight service than they had paid for the train service. The passengers who have booked the 2nd class and 3rd class AC tickets of the train will need to pay Rs. 1, 500 more for their flight ticket.

Class Cost (in Rs)
1st AC 0
2nd AC 1500
3rd AC 1500

How to implement the project?

Below is a table to showcase the implementation plans and the process of implementing the plans.

Implementation Plans Process of Implementation
Passenger Awareness The passengers should be made aware of the fact that they will be able to chose an alternative option if they are put on the waitlist. This project will succeed only if the passengers are aware.
Work According to Plan The implementation process will be dependent on working according to the full proof plan of Air India and IRCTC.
Using Social Media Social Media can be used to create mass awareness and more people will get to know about this project through social media.
Enforcement of Rules Rules and regulations should be made relevant to the project and the organizations will have to make sure that the rules are enforced properly.

Benefits of Air India 

  • The vacant seats of Air India will be filled which will increase the earnings of Air India.
  • Even if one more seat is booked, it will be a profit which Air India will enjoy.
  • Air India only will serve the passengers by taking them to their destination on the routes of the flights of Air India, so they will not need to provide special service to the passengers.
  • Whether an extra passenger is travelling or not, Air India is very quick, so the increasing amount of passengers won’t be a problem to Air India.
  • Air India will be welcomed all through the country. 

Benefits of IRCTC

  • IRCTC will have fewer complaints from the passengers.
  • IRCTC will not have to face the problem of having a big waitlist.
  • There is always a shortfall of seats, so if Air India can provide the service of travelling to the passengers, IRCTC will have the chance to sort out their problems. 

The project of traveling to the destination by an upgraded version of transportation is itself a very wonderful thing. The project should be maintained properly and it should be spread across the country and all of the trains should be brought under this project.

Air India Rajdhani Scheme Yojana Routes

Sno Routes
1 Delhi Mumbai
2 Delhi Kolkata
3 Delhi Chennai
4 Delhi Bengaluru
5 Delhi Ranchi
6 Delhi Ahmedabad
7 Delhi Hyderabad
8 Delhi Bhubaneshwar
9 Delhi Goa
10 Delhi Patna
11 Delhi Raipur

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