Rail Humsafar Saptah

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On 25th May 2016, the BJP government will complete their successful 2 years as central government in India. Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi, when came into power, said, ‘acche din ayenge’ (good days will come). In these last couple of years many more good days have come in India. The BJP government had introduced a number of schemes and had taken a large number of steps for betterment of the backward people and other parts of the country. Indian Railways have also been benefitted in last two years. There were new trains, new rules and also new schemes have launched for the general public and also for the railway employees. To celebrate this 2-years’ achievement and success towards the railway department the railways ministry have declared “Rail Humsafar Saptah’. It will be a 7 days celebration takes place in Indian Railway department.

Rail Humsafar Saptah

Rail Humsafar Saptah

It is a 7 days long celebration that will take place to celebrate the achievement of the Indian Railways during past two years. The celebration will be started on 26th May 2016 and will end up on 1st June 2016. Each day from the entire week will witness diverse celebrations. Here celebration does not mean any cultural function but it means various tasks that will be held during this whole week.

The dates and the days

There are 7 long days starting from 26th May to 1st June. The celebration will be as follows:

  • 26th May 2016: Swachh Day
  • 27th May 2016: Satkar Day
  • 28th May 2016: Seva Day
  • 29th May 2016: Satarkata Day
  • 30th May 2016: Saamanjosyo Day
  • 31st May 2016: Sanyojan Day
  • 1st June 2016: Sanchaar Day

All these different days will be celebrated during these 7 days long Rail Humsafar Saptah.

The campaign and the activities during the week

  • Swacch Diwas: on the 1st day of the week will be celebrated the Swacch Diwas, i.e., cleaning day. On this day, there will be a thorough cleanliness drive at several stations and the trains. Rail officials like DRMs will supervise the whole activity.
  • Satkar Diwas: on satkar day, there will be special treatment towards the catering and drinking services in railways. The officials will supervise the activity of those trains which have pantry cars. They will also take care of the packaged drinking water and food available in the stations and trains. Also the quality of the products will be specially checked under the supervision of the senior railway officials.
  • Seva Diwas: On 28th May, there will be Seva day which means officials will personally visit the passengers travelling by trains to know about their experiences while travelling. The officials will be travelled along with the passengers on that day between 10am and 4pm. They will talk to each passenger to make sure whether they are getting the proper amenities or not.
  • Satarkata Diwas: on the 4th day of the Rail Humsafar Saptah, there will be Satarkata (careful) day. On 29th May, the officials will take care of the train timings, especially the punctuality of the trains. Also the officials will ensure the ticket checking for all the passengers and for all the trains will take place. As per the ministry of the Railway, the ticket checking drive will be present there in the leading and central station across the country to take care of such activities. It may be express train or mail train or passenger train, there will be punctuality at the time of arrival and departure.
  • Saamanjosyo Diwas: on Saamanjosyo Day which will take place on 30th May, will be a day when the officials will visit the railway colonies and other railway housing premises. The main motto of this day will be to pay extra attention of the cleanliness and hygiene of the railway colonies. It is also decided that under the supervision of the senior railway officials at least 1000 trees will be planted on the premises of railway colonies and other housing premises. Also the officials will supervise whether the living area of the staff members are properly maintained or not. The officials will also encourage the railways staffs along with their families to join the several activity programs and participate in the sports and other physical events that occur every year. The DRMs will be the in-charge for this one day campaign.
  • Sanyojan Diwas: on Sanyojan day, all the zonal officials such as DRMs and GMs will come together and arrange several meetings with the freight traffic customers to discuss about the new policies and reforms of the freight traffic department. Also the officials will hold seminars to discuss in details about the industry level betterments of the freight traffic departments and how these new policies can be help to improve the productivity of the department. The DRMs and the GMs will also arrange an interactive sessions on this day to discuss about the rail transportation improvement and targets that are to be achieved. On 31st May this one day campaign will take place.
  • Sanchaar Diwas: the last but not the least day of campaign will be the Sanchaar day, takes place on 1st June 2016. On this day, all the nominated officials for this long campaign will meet and revise the rest 6 days activities. The officials mainly DRMs and the GMs will be together zone wise and review the entire campaign that has taken place during the past 6 days. Also there might be a press conference where the officials will declare about the campaign and discuss about the various activities and policies.

The Aim of Rail Humsafar Saptah

The main objective of the campaign is to monitor the daily activities of the railway department closely. It is not that the daily activities are not being supervised but the officials will personally visit the various places and take things further. All these campaigns will allow the DRMs and GMs to know the passengers’ view personally and also they will get to know whether the railway staff members and their families are leading a good life or not.

In recent past the BJP government has taken so many initiatives to help the railway staff members and also the regular passengers. Through this campaign the officials will get to know whether the initiatives are going in a right direction or they need improvements.

With the press conference on the last day, the ministry of Railways will wrap up the campaign. Through press conference they will be able to share the experience and the movement of the campaign with the rest of the country.

Rail Humsafar Saptah – at a glance

The date The day
25th May 2016 List of amenities provided to the passengers will be submitted by the zonal railway officials
26th May 2016 Swachchata Diwas
27th May 2016 Satkaar Diwas
28th May 2016 Seva Diwas
29th May 2016 Satarkata Diwas
30th May 2016 Saamanjosyo Diwas
31st May 2016 Sanyojona Diwas
1st June 2016 Sanchaar Diwas

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