quiz.mygov.in Quiz by Government of India

quiz.mygov.in Quiz by Government of India

It is certain that India had achieved independence nearly 75 years ago against the British rule. At this time our freedom fighters had put in a lot of efforts to gain freedom. The government has launched a web portal in memory of the event for conducting quiz regarding the quit India movement.

It is certain that the government has included all topics that were related to this movement with an aim to test the general knowledge of Indian people. This small move will help people test their knowledge about the Independence movement.


How to register in the web site

  • To get registered for the quiz you have to log on to the official website quiz.mygov.in.
  • You then have to get registered by creating your account on the website. You have to provide with your full name and valid email id.
  • You also have to provide with your valid mobile phone number and country of resident.
  • Your birthdates are also required at the time of registration. Once these details have been verified you are registered with the web site.

How to log in for the quiz

  • Once you have created your account with the website you just have to click the start option from the main page.
  • You will have to answer around 18 quiz questions within 10 minutes of time.
  • On completion you shall be provided with your score and if you score well then you can also request for your digital certificate copy for participating in the quiz.

Start Date and Time Of Contest

  • The quiz is scheduled to start on 9th August 2017 at around 6 PM.
  • The last date for the quiz is set for 15th August 2017 till 6 PM.
  • The total time allotted for the quiz is set for around 10 minutes during which time candidates have to attempt 18 questions.

Rules and regulations for contest

  • The quiz for Independence movement has been organized by the government of India under MyGov.in web portal.
  • It is certain that candidates have to get registered for the quiz starting from 9th August to 15th August 2017 between 6PM. If any candidate fails to get registered by the set date then his registration will not be valid.
  • The quiz is only open for candidates who have created their accounts with the official website mygov.in.
  • All candidates are also requested to provide with their details regarding name, phone number and email id. Candidates have to update their profile with the information before getting started with the quiz.
  • The government will be making use of all details provided for the quiz session.
  • It is also certain that if you get registered for the quiz then you cannot withdraw your name back from the quiz.
  • It is also obvious that each candidate will only be allowed for a single entry for the quiz. In case any candidate has made multiple entries using fake id then the entry will be automatically discarded.
  • It is also certain that late entries or lost entries shall not be entertained by the organizers. If any entry found incomplete then it shall be discarded by the system.
  • In case you are the winner of the quiz competition then you shall also be awarded with a certificate copy by the organizers.
  • The names of the winners will be announced officially on 25th August2017 after 5 PM. This will be scheduled by the set time and date unless the quiz is postponed.
  • In case the winning candidate is not reachable by three working days from the date of announcement of the winner then the organizers will fortify his or her winning prize and other candidate who is next on the list will be given away the prize.
  • In case more than one candidate are declared as the winner of the quiz competition then the prize shall be given away to the candidate who has taken less time for completing the quiz.
  • It is also certain that if needed then the organizers have full rights to cancel or withdraw the quiz competition without prior information. It is certain that all candidates are expected to follow all stated terms and conditions for the quiz.
  • It is certain that at the time of registration all participants are expected to follow all rules and regulations stated by the organizers.
  • All set of rules and regulations are expected to be followed by the participants till they are a part of the quiz.
  • In case any participant found not following he rules or regulations then it is certain that the organizers have full rights to disqualify such candidate. If any candidate provides with incomplete information at the time of registration then his registration shall be considered as cancelled.
  • It is also obvious that all decisions made by the organizers shall be considered as final and no changes will be made.
  • The Indian Judiciary system shall be responsible for governing the rules and regulations for the quiz competition.

It is certain that by launching the quiz competition the government of India is willing to test Indians for their love and knowledge for the country and its independence.

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