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Punjabrao Deshmukh Scheme Free Hostel Free Maharashtra

Punjabrao Deshmukh Scheme Free Hostel Free Maharashtra

It is quite difficult for farmers to make use of the benefits that are available for their agricultural properties to make prosper for their families particularly to offer essential financial support to their children until unless they are getting good yield that year. If the yield fails, then the lives of farmers will be in a number of troubles.

For protecting the future of farmers and their children education, Punjabrao Deshmukh Scheme has been extended to provide accommodation and hostel fee for the children of poor farmers in Maharashtra. The initially scheme of Punjabrao Deshmukh was focused only on the children from agricultural based poor family, but later it included children who are all from financially weaker family in the state.

Panjabrao Deshmukh Scheme

S.No Facts about Punjabrao Deshmukh Scheme Detailed Information
1 State which Implements this Scheme Maharshtra
2 Estimated Budget for this Scheme Rs. 1000 Crores
3 The Scheme Named after Panjabrao Shamrao Deshmukh ( a social activist and a farmer’s leader in India)
4 Date of Death of Panjabrao Shamrao Deshmukh April 10, 1965, Delhi
5 Motive behind the Scheme To provide support financially weaker students by paying their hostel fee

Free hostel fee for children of poor farmers:

There is no necessity for students of farmers to get registered to the scheme. The option of free hostel fee will be directly eligible for children of those farmers who are already enrolled under Punjabrao Deshmukh Scheme. From the end of children, there is no hard formality required rather than just filling application form with the details about the place of education institute and the fee structure for accommodation. No other forms or documents need to be submitted by students to register.

The main aim of Punjabrao Deshmukh Scheme

  • Increase awareness of higher education among students from rural and agricultural background, especially those who are financially weaker state.
  • To provide helping hand for those students struggling hard to meet their daily necessities in higher education
  • To increase the count of weak students from agricultural background to pursue higher education and achieve great heights in their life

Eligibility criteria for receiving benefits:

To get benefits of this Scheme, there is no necessity for students to get best results in their school education. The only thing that is necessary is that students must have successfully completed their school level education. For those students whose father is already a beneficiary of this Scheme, the scheme of free accommodation will get applied by default by showing the proof that students has joined in one of the recognized colleges in Maharashtra.

The scheme also includes the registered laborers in Maharashtra; children of those laborers will also be eligible for this scheme by default. There are also many plans for increasing the scope of the scheme to serve many students struggling hard to pursue their higher education. Currently, government of Maharashtra has invested 1000 crores to develop the scheme. Government of Maharashtra has also plans to expand the scheme further on seeing demand from students.

One point is not made clear in this Scheme is that what is the maximum limit for claiming accommodation benefits and how to apply for the same during post graduation. It is expected that government will provide such details soon.

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    I’m studying in final year B pharma in jspm Charak College Of Pharmacy and Reasurch wagholi pune, I have applied for PANJABRAV DESHMUKH HOSTEL MEANTANCE Scheme last two year… My amount has dipposited in the colg account.. But the colg doesn’t provide… To us plz, let me know what can I do for that… I’m waiting


    I am studying in first year.i have a financial problem so,i want to applied for punjabrao deshmukh hostel.

  3. sir i am student of channabasweswar clg. latur amhala magil 2 yearchi scholership ankhin hi dili nahi tyasthi amchyakadun tyani photo and recit ticket ghetle pn check or cash amhala bhetla nahi plz ya kade lakshya daya ve

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