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NIDHI EIR Yojana in Uttar Pradesh {}

NIDHI EIR Yojana in Uttar Pradesh {}

The full form of NIDHI EIR is National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovation Entrepreneur in Residency. Engineering is a lucrative field but the education is very expensive as well. Most students who belong to the middle class families find it difficult to gather the money to pay for the engineering fee. For the assistance of engineering students who are meritorious, the state government of UP has implemented the scheme NIDHI EIR Yojana.


Name NIDHI EIR (National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovation Entrepreneur in Residency )
Launched Date August 2017
Launched By Chief Minister of the state Yogi Adityanath
Supervised By Department of Science & Technology
Contact Number 91 20 25865877
Official Website

Key features of the scheme

  1. Motivating engineering institutes and deserving candidates – The main aim of the scheme is to provide the engineering students and the engineering institutes with financial assistance. With the money they acquire, the institutes and students will get the boost to work on the research and developmental activities.
  2. Cash reward for the pupils – The selected engineering candidates, will be given a cash reward of Rs. 20, 000 to Rs. 30, 000 on a monthly basis if they have a good idea.
  3. Span of money reward – The state government will provide the students with the cash reward for a time span of 12 months.
  4. Collateral free credit – All the candidates who have been selected to get the grant under the NIDHI EIR Yojana will stand a chance to get credit for better implementation of their ideas. The credit will be provided to them without any collateral.
  5. Number of beneficiaries – As of now, the CM has given 11 selected students from state engineering colleges have been provided with financial assistance. Each of these 11 candidates has been given a check so that they can fund their research and come up with a plan to implement it in the form of a business.
  6. Assistance for innovative ideas – Only those candidates will be given the financial assistance, who are working on perfecting an idea that is unique in nature. The project must be innovative.
  7. Checking the viability of the idea in all parts of the country – Before granting the financial assistance, the candidates will have to submit the rough plan of the project. If respective government department will check the viability of the project and whether it can be changed into a lucrative business or not.

How the scheme works?

It has already been mentioned that the implementation of the scheme has been done for the progress of the engineering students. It is not for all candidates but only those who will be able to prove their merit with the development of a unique idea, related with their field.

The candidates will have to log on to the official website of the schema and fill the application form. The application form must be filled in with the personal details, academic details and the project related information. The selection of the project will be done by officials of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship division.

Once the selection has been done, the candidates will be given the monthly grant by the state authority. As the implementation of the scheme has just been implemented, the details of the registration process will be declared in by and by.

Official website of the scheme

The details of the scheme has been highlighted on the official website. The portal can be reached by clicking on the link Clicking on the appropriate links from this page will provide the interested candidates with the eligibility criteria and registration related information.

By implementing this scheme, the state will be able to ensure that the young and deserving candidates get the support they require for putting their invention or business plan to the test. The engineering candidates will get the much-needed encouragement for going ahead with their plans.


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