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Rythu Bheema Pathakam [Raithu Bima ]Scheme 2018 | Free Insurance Scheme Telangana 2018 [Form]

Rythu [raithu] Bheema Bima Pathakam Scheme 2018 Telangana [New LIC Free Insurance Scheme 2018-19 ] [Eligibility Criteria, Application Process, Documents List, Registration Form Download [Telugu రితు భీమా పథకం] రైతు బీమా పథకం గైడ్‌లైన్స్ విడుదల

Agricultural development is the base of our nation. A recent estimate states that around 75 lakh farmers stay and operate in Telangana. Thus, it is the responsibility of the state government to come up with developmental programs for the betterment of these farmers. So, the state authority introduced a new life insurance scheme for the farmers. The agricultural workers need not pay anything for this policy.

New LIC Insurance Scheme Telangana

Name Rythu Bheema Scheme
Announced Date 15th of May, 2018
Declared By . K. Chandrasekhar Rao
Start Date June, 2018
Certificate Distribution  August 2018
Supervised Pocharam Srinivas Reddy who is the agricultural minister of the state

Key features of the scheme

  1. Development of farmers – The main aim of the state, behind the implementation of this scheme is to safeguard the lives and families of poor farmers.
  2. LIC policy – The insurance policy will be given by LIC. The state will have a tie up with this insurance company to offer these policies.
  3. Policy coverage – It has been mentioned in the scheme that the family of registered farmers will be able to get 5 lakhs from the state government. The amount will be payable in case the enrolled farmers passed away.
  4. Number of beneficiaries – As estimated by the state government, the government will offer this special insurance policy to as many as 58 lakh agricultural workers, positioned in the state.
  5. State will pay the premium – To get any life insurance policy, the person needs to pay an annual premium. In this case, the state government will take the responsibility of paying the insurance premium on behalf of all enrolled farmers.
  6. Extension of Rythu Bandhu System – It was also mentioned that all agricultural workers, who have been enrolled under the Rythu Bandhu Scheme will be able to opt for this insurance scheme as well.

Eligibility for the scheme

  1. Residents of state – As the scheme has been introduced by the state government of Telangana, it is obvious that only those agricultural labors, which have legal residential papers of the state will get the benefits.
  2. Farmer by profession – The registered farmers will only get this life insurance policy,
  3. Owner of land – It has been mentioned in the scheme that only those farmers will be able to get the insurance policy who own the agricultural land. In case the farmers grow crops on rental land, then they will not receive the benefit.

Application Form and process For Rythu Bheema Pathakam 

The scheme has been announced recently. The state government will soon release the official notification of the scheme. The state may offer online as well as offline application procedure.

Budget for the scheme

As the state government aims to provide life insurance policy to a high percentage of farmers, it will require a huge amount of funds. To ensure that the implementation of the scheme happens smoothly, CM has made a budgetary allocation of Rs. 500 crore. Each year, this sum will be paid by the state government.

If the state government does not do its part in safeguarding the farmers, then the poor agricultural workers will not be able to survive. Apart from agricultural scheme, sponsored by Telangana state, the authority will now offer safety to the lives of these farmers as well. In case the farmers pass away, their families will not have to worry about financial constraints.



New Farmer Insurance Scheme in Telangana

Several farmer developmental schemes are already active in Telangana. But state secretary S K Joshi addressed the press on the 24th of July, announcing the success of the recently launched insurance scheme that has been targeted towards farmers. Till date, more than 26 lakh agricultural labors have registered under this project. Many other farmers have also been contacted for registration under this particular program. With this scheme, state government will be able to safeguard the investment of farmers. In case anything happens to the insured farmer, the policy amount will be offered to his family members.

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