New Health Protection Scheme

New Health Protection Scheme

On the day of Independence this year, Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi has announced about the National health Protection Scheme for the poor people of the nation. The scheme was already on board and announced in current financial year’s budget by the finance ministry. Though the budget and the preliminary coverage have already been decided, the PM has announced in his speech that under this scheme the government will provide coverage of 1 lakh per person. According to Mr. Modi, this will help them to accelerate the scheme faster than other insurance schemes.

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National Health Protection Scheme Details

National Health Protection Scheme is an insurance policy by the government under which poor people can get life insurance coverage up to 1 lakh. The health ministry has already set up a cabinet this year during budget to plan out the scheme. Under this scheme if people who belong to below the poverty line category or who are from economically weaker group will lose their life or ability to work, they will get coverage of up to 1 lakh to support their family.

National Health Protection Scheme

National Health Protection Scheme Launch

The scheme has not launched officially yet, but the health ministry has already stated about the scheme and its process after the budget 2016-17. On this Independence Day Shree Modi has announced about the increase rate of coverage up to 1 lakh to boost up the process of the said scheme.

National Health Protection Scheme Beneficiaries

Under this national health protection scheme, the poor people, especially who live under the poverty line will be the main beneficiaries. Also people from the economically weaker group and people who are listed under the deprivations according to socio-economic caste census of India. People belonging to these mentioned groups are the main beneficiaries under this scheme by the central government of India.

National Health Protection Scheme Aim

  • The main aim of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to those families who have lost their earning member in any accidents or natural calamities.
  • Also the insurance scheme aims to protect the person from health diseases and other long term health issues due to any accidents or something like that.
  • Under this scheme 10 Cr families under BPL and other economically weaker group will be benefited as per the expenditure and finance ministry and Prime Minister.

National Health Protection Scheme Budget and Time Period

The total budget allotted for the scheme in Rs. 24, 000 Cr. According to the reports the finance ministry has given a nod to the health ministry for this budget. At the first place the health ministry has announced the maximum coverage is Rs. 30, 000 per person. But as mentioned Mr. Modi has announced the revised coverage amount this year is Rs. 1 lakh maximum for each person to boost up the scheme faster.

The time span of the scheme is set as 5 years maximum. The initial budget allotted for this scheme is also for the next 5 years of time. According to the reports if needed government will increase the budget as well.

Scheme National Health Protection Scheme
Launched 2016-17 Budget
Launched by Central Health Ministry
Beneficiaries BPL category
Coverage Rs. 1 Lakh
Total Budget Rs. 24, 000 Cr.
Time Span 5 years

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