Mukhyamantri Krishak Vraksh (Vriksh) Dhan Yojana UP


Mukhyamantri Krishak Vraksh (Vriksh) Dhan Yojana UP [Application Process Form Eligibility Criteria]

The government is continuously planning to upgrade the standard of living of the people of the country. More emphasis is given to the people from the rural region. As majority of families in the rural are farmers hence to make the country strong it is necessary that the farmers should be encouraged to so that they will be getting all the facilities as well as they will benefit from their production. As we all know trees play a vital role in human life. Hence to encourage these entire new scheme for farmers is been launched by the government of India called as “Mukhyamantri Krishak Vraksh Dhan Yojana”. This scheme will run under MGNREGA.

Launch details

This scheme will be launched under MGNREGA. Who will launch it when and where is yet to be figure out. The government has not yet disclosed much more about these details.

Key features of the scheme

  • Aim – The government has very intelligently planned that this scheme as this scheme will benefit the farmers financially as well as environment will also be saved. This will help in restoring soil erosion and will increase in the rainfall in the region.
  • Target of the scheme – According to the DFO Mr. Pandey, the government is planning for 185 lakh plants to be planted. The state government has laid this responsibility on various divisions. 7 lakh plants will be planted by the development department. The responsibility of 5 lakh plants is on the garden department. Plantation of 6.6 lakh plants will be taken care of Agro Forestry Mission.
  • Trees planted under the scheme – The trees that provide more shadow and fruits and which can easily grow in three years. Trees like mango, guava, banana, rosewood, teak, eucalyptus can be planted.
  • Plantation place – Ranch is the best place of the farm to plant the trees. This area is generally not of use to the farmers. And also planting trees on the ranch will secure the farm. Hence, the farmers will have to plant the trees on the ranch of the farm.
  • Tenure of the scheme – After planting the plants in three years the plants turn into trees and start giving shade should be maintained by the farmers for three years
  • Benefit of the scheme – Post 3 years, the farmers will get the trees as a complimentary benefit. Then the farmers can keep the trees and enjoy the fruits or can cut down the trees and benefit from the wood out of it.

Financial assistance details

The cost of tree plantation (till the upgradation) will be taken care of by the government itself. The government will give Rs 175 per tree/day to the farmers. The payment will get credited in the to the farmers bank account.

Eligibility criteria

  • Small, marginal farmers will be eligible and also the job holder of Schedule caste and schedule tribe.
  • Farmers should have their own land.
  • Government has started a survey to search for the eligible farmers.

A scheme to benefit the farmers and to increase the fiscal of the farmer with the dual benefits offered by the government. Also this scheme is supportive to the environment.a

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