MMSFE scheme offers Additional 5 Kg Ration for Families in Jammu & Kashmir

MMSFE scheme offers Additional 5 Kg Ration for Families in Jammu & Kashmir

The minister for CAPD, Ch. Zulfkar Ali said the MMSFE scheme will be launch soon offer extra 5 kg ration to per member per month in adding up to his privilege under NFSA. The main objective of this scheme is to protect the awareness of the families containing up to 6 members said by Zulfkar Ali. When the scheme comes into existence, nearly 81 lakh population of the State will be benefited. But, the government needs to bear an additional burden of Rs. 358 crore per annum.

MMSFE scheme

Each person is entitled to obtain 5 kg ration for every month under the National Food Security Act 2013. The National Security Act was launched in Jammu and Kashmir from February 2016. The capacity of ration will increase by 100% to 10 kg for each person per month.  The MMSFE scheme will be applicable to the citizens of Ladakh and other locations as well. The minister said formerly 99 lakh persons of the State were offered ration as per survey of 2000 by Department of Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution in boarded public distribution system.


Chowdhary Zulfkar Ali is a minister for Consumer Affairs and Public Administration said about the new scheme will saver lives of poor people in the state. This plan is mainly to keep the interests of public at stake. The minister appealed this kind of reformative schemed is not for the cause of exploiting innocent people. He said that under previous scheme of PDS, state was acquiring ration worth Rs.474 crore per annum which has come along to Rs 250 crore with the discharge of this people-friendly Act.

S.No Facts about MMSFE Detailed Explanation
1 What is MMSFE? MMSFE – Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Food is a new scheme is set to be launched in Jammu & Kashmir in nearby future
2 Benefits availed under MMSFE Under this new scheme, people of Jammu & Kashmir will be able to receive additional of 5 kilogram of ration per head on monthly basis under National Food Security Act.
3 Who are all eligible to avail this benefit from MMSFE? The families of Jammu & Kashmir having up to 6 members are eligible to get additional ration from this MMSFE Scheme
4 Who much it cost of state government to offer such additional ration for Jammu & Kashmir People under MMSFEE? It will take extra of 358 Crore on annual basis for state government to provide extra ration for 81 Lakh people with this scheme.

Further, Zulfkar Ali said that state has before now decided to bring Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Food Entitlement plan to complement NFSA from July 1 and groundwork for the scheme is in full swing. He said that it is core liability of Deputy Commissioners to create the lists error free and loyalty verification is in progress. Zulfkar Ali said that at least 2 lakh bags can be accumulated in godown which can store 83000 quintal ration. The godown was specially constructed for this scheme purpose and he congratulated the people for effective construction. He also said that government of India has approved for funding Silos which can stock up food grains for 5 years and these Silos are prepared with modern expertise.

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