[Form] Mazi (Majhi) Kanya Bhagyashree Yojana Scheme Maharashtra


Mazi (Majhi) Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme Yojana Maharashtra (Marathi) [माझी कन्या भाग्यश्री योजना मराठी] [PDF,Application Form, Registration Process, Eligibility Criteria, Download, Last Date]

The Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme was introduced in 2016 in Maharashtra as a means of encouraging girls in the area to receive a proper education. This is to help cut down on the number of girls who are not attending school. As a result, it will improve upon the lives of girls around the state if followed in an appropriate fashion. The scheme is especially designed to replace the old Sukanya scheme that was introduced in 2015. It will actually officially replace it on  March 2017, which also happens to be International Women’s Day.

Mazi Majhi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme Maharashtra

1 Name Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme
2 Announced Date March 2017
3 Start Date April 2017
4 Official ambassador Bhagyashree (Actress )
5 Prior Scheme Name Sukanya scheme
6 Targeted Audience   Girls Of the State 

Key Benefits For Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme 

The key part of the MKBS is that it will help families receive the financial support needed to get their girls to attend schools in Maharashtra. There are a number of points relating to MKBS that are to be reviewed:

  • A couple that has one or more girls in the family will receive financial support from the state government..
  • Rewards : Villages will also be eligible for rewards. Any village with a child sex ratio of great than 1,000 will get a Rs. 5,00,000 reward.
  • An insurance total will be provided to girls in BPL families. This will be good for Rs. 21,200. This ensures that people in this range are to be covered by the scheme.
  • A mother will get Rs. 5,000 per month for her daughter for the first five years of her life. This is to improve upon how a family can spend money on her education. The child will then get Rs. 2500 per year until reaching class 5 and then Rs. 3,000 per year until getting to the 12th standard. When a girl reaches 18 years of age, she will get Rs. 1 lakh for every year of her education.
  • The payouts for the girls are designed to encourage them to attend schools. This is also to help them with funding many of the costs associated with any further studies that you plan on working with.
  • Budget By Government :This is all organized with a budget of Rs. 200 crore. This is being used as a means of covering many people around the state.

Eligibility Criteria For Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme 

  • This is for those in the economically weak and BPL categories. These are categories where people are more likely to need some kind of financial help in order to stay supported and under control.
  • For getting 1 lakh monetary amount every year , girls’ age should be at 18 yrs
  • Only state citizens are applicable for the scheme.

Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme Online Application Form In Marathi

The application process for getting into the MKBS is important for all eligible families to look into. An application form for the scheme can be found at https://www.maharashtra.gov.in/Site/Upload/Government%20Resolutions/English/201602261720426830.pdf . And you will also get information in Marathi .

Registration Process for Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme 

The application process can be handled at any Gram panchyat office or Municipal corporation station. Anganwadi centers and NGOs around the state can also accept it. Even authorized banks may participate if needed.

Documents Needed Under Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme 

The process for getting into the scheme will require all participants to have a proper application form as well as a domicile in the state of Maharashtra. The girl’s birth certificate and the income certificates of parents should be provided as well as any ration cards one has like a BPL card. A bank passbook of the girl involved should also be included. An IFSC code or MICR code may be included in the process if necessary.

This plan for handling the MKBS scheme is needed to help families to get their girls to receive the education that they need. Parents are encouraged to get into the scheme as soon as possible. This is to ensure that there are no problems involved with getting girls enrolled in the proper scheme and to get into schools. The process for applying is also easy provided that the right documents are used.

The overall goal of the scheme is to improve upon the sex ratio of students in the state. There has been a substantial imbalance in schools as more boys are attending while girls are being left behind. This is especially problematic for families where the boys are being sent to school while the girls are told to stay at home. The scheme is hoping to reverse this trend and get more girls to attend classes.The financial assistance involved will also help girls to see that they can make great lives for themselves. Normally, they are being told by families that their roles are in the homes and kitchens. By offering money for their education, it should be easier for them to study more and feel positive about education.

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