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mAadhar App Download Install Uses

mAadhar is a new comprehensive all to take care of all your Aadhar related tasks. UIDAI has launched this app which is now available on Google PlayStore only – as it has released for Android phones only.

mAadhar App Download Install Uses

mAadhar App Launched and Implementation Date

This app has been launched recently. It has got a recent update on July 17th, 2017. So from onwards it is available for download on all standard Android devices. This app is currently supervised by the Aadhar card authority – UIDAI. However, the app that is currently present in the app store is of Beta version. As per the official tweet of Aadhar (https://twitter.com/UIDAI/status/887251126369755136?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ndtv.com%2Findia-news%2Fmaadhaar-app-launched-for-android-users-details-here-1726362), this app has been available since 18th July 2017 onwards.

Only Android version is available for mAadhar App

Right now only the Android version is available. It is not sure if the iOS version for the iPhone shall release soon. The Android version shows that there are biometric data uploaded on the app itself.  There is also a QR code and along with that there is a place to enter your Aadhar number. You can use either of them to log in to the app – but more on that later.

With the Android Version of Aadhar card your task will become much easier. For example, nowadays when you go ahead to buy a new SIM card, you will have to provide your Aadhar card. With this app you can easily share the Aadhar details instead of producing the Aadhar card physically. The app will just be like a virtual replacement of the original Aadhar card.

How to download and install mAadhar App?

Before downloading the app just make sure that the Android you are using is 4.4 and above. Also make sure that you have ample memory on your mobile phone before you proceed. This app takes about 10.80MB size but sometimes the phones demand a higher free space to install and operate apps. Once you have both of them, simply proceed to install it. To successfully download and install Aadhar follow these steps –

  1. Go to this page https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.gov.uidai.mAadhaarPlus this is the official app which is now available on Play Store. Do not go to any other apps as they are not authentic. Just click on the above link.
  2. Click “Install” right next to the “Add to wishlist” button. You can do so via your desktop too. We will tell the procedure to download the app on mobile in the upcoming steps. For now, simply click on “install.”
  3. If you have not signed in to your Google Account, you will be prompted to enter your password. Enter the password and proceed. You will be taken to the next page where you will see a dialog box appearing, asking you to “choose a device.”
  4. Simply choose the handset on which you want to install this app from the drag down menu and then click “Install.” The screen will prompt a message “The app will be installed in your device soon.”
  5. Soon you will see that an installation process has begun on your Android smartphone. Once it is installed, simply open it and continue.

To install it on your mobile phone simply go to Google PlayStore and then search “mAadhar.” You will see an app that has got 3.2 reviews on the list. That is the app you have to download – it will also have a short key features description given.

How to use mAadhar App?

You must remember that this is the beta version of the app and not all features shall be usable. Some of the features will only activate after the app has got a definite update. Here’s how you can start using the basic functions for now –

  • After you have downloaded the app, you will get an OTP on your registered mobile number. If you have not given your mobile number during Aadhar registration then make sure that you do right now. You need this number for verification.
  • Now once you get the OTP, you have to enter it into the portal. After that you can access the app which will very again ask you to create a password. Pick a unique and complicated password.
  • You have to remember this password to carry out any action on the app. So note it down. After the password you will be taken to the next page where you have to enter the Aadhar card data.
  • Once you enter the Aadhar card data there, a verification code is generated which is then sent to the registered mobile phone number. This helps sync the Aadhar card details to the app.
  • After you have set up the app, you can use this app for various services through the QR code or the e-KYC services. Whenever the Aadhar details are required, simply tap on the three dots on the top left and share the details via Bluetooth, e-KYC or email, etc.

Launching Purpose of mAadhar App

Since Aadhar card details are becoming more and more important right now, this app was necessary. You cannot carry your Aadhar card everywhere but you always carry your mobile phone wherever you go. This is why, to make Aadhar related tasks easier and profile sharing simpler, this app was developed.

Is mAadhar App Safe?

This app is not without any risks though. If suppose someone steals your mobile phone then your Aadhar related data shall be at a potential risk. In order to avoid that, block your SIM card immediately. Although this app is useful, you will also have to make sure that your mobile phone is kept at a safe place at all times. UIDAI has failed to mention how to keep the Aadhar data secure in case anything such as this occurs. To avoid this risk, if you do not use Aadhar details on a regular basis, then you may choose not to install this app.

mAadhar is definitely a step forward. But there are some areas that are left unaddressed. We can only hope these loopholes shall be filled in the coming times so that it is safer to use.


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