List of e wallet companies in India

List of e wallet companies in India

Nowadays during demonetization, when our Prime Minister is urging us to use the mobile wallets, we have to check out what options we have. However, even before the advent of the demonetization, many people found e-wallets useful simply because they could be used over networks.

List of e wallet companies in India

Now more than ever we need that ease to deal with because there are many parts of the country where the 500 rupee notes have not circulated yet. The small amount payments are restricted. This brings us to take a good look at the e-wallet options we have and to use them effectively.

Before you argue about the usage of e-wallets, first let’s make this thing clear – one of the things we always carry with us is our smartphone. Carrying cash may not be always a good idea. Through net banking and e-wallets, you can even pay the auto rickshaws nowadays (although this facility is not widespread yet).

The best part is that using digital wallets you can also get some cash backs and discounts sometimes.

What is a digital wallet?

Before we get to explain the types of digital wallets we have, it is very important to understand what a digital wallet actually is.

A digital wallet is an online platform that helps you to carry out the transactions. You can pay for shopping, for buying services and goods. You can add money here to get some instant access to the services. You can also link it to your bank or