Holidays List for Central State Government Employees in 2020

Holidays List for Central State Government Employees in 2020

Holidays! Who doesn’t like them? We have a tendency of checking the list of holidays at the beginning of every calendar year. Why so? That’s because we usually plan on vacations based on them. What could be better than being able to squeeze in a day or to extra into the tour plan. This is why we have decided to come up with this article that will give you the list of all holidays for the calendar year 2018.

Holidays List for Central State Government Employees

It is going to be a long article because we will separately list all holidays for Central and State Governments. To begin with, we will look at the Centre approved holidays at first. We will also look at the conditions laid down by the government for such holidays. Though the article will be long, we hope you will be enjoying it because it is all about holidays!

Central And State Government Holidays Lis

Holiday List in January 
01MondayNew Year
05FridayGuru Gobind Sing Jayanti
12FridaySwami Vivekananda Jayanti  
14SundayPongal, Makar Sankranti
22MondayVasant Panchami
23TuesdaySubhash Chandra Bose Jayanti
26FridayRepublic Day
31WednesdayGuru Ravidas Jayanti


Holiday List in February 2018
10SaturdayMaharishi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti
13TuesdayMaha Shivratri
17SaturdayRamakrishna Jayanti
19MondayShivaji Jayanti


Holiday List in March 
01ThusdayChoti Holi, Holika Dahan, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Jayanti
18SundayGudi Padwa, Ugadi
18SundayJhulelal Jayanti
25SundayRama Navami
29ThursdayMahavir Swami Jayanti
30FridayHazarat Ali’s Birthday
30FridayGood Friday


Holiday List in April 
01SundayBank’s Holiday
11WednesdayShri Vallabhacharya Jyanti
14SaturdayBengali New Year, Tamil New Year, Vaisakhi,

Ambedkar Jayanti,

20FridayShankaraharya Jayanti, Surdas Jayanti


Holiday List in May 
07MondayRabindranath Tagor Jayanti
22TuesdayBudha Purnima


Holiday List in June 
08FridayJamat Ul Vida
15FridayEid Ul-Fitar, Ramadan, Raja Sankrati
16SaturdayMaharana Pratap Jayanti
21ThursdayLongest Day of the Year
28ThursdayKabir Das Jayanti


Holiday List in July 
14SaturdayJagganath RathYatra


Holiday List in August 
15WednesdayIndependence Day, Onam
17FridayTulsi das jayanti, parsi new year
21 or 22Tuesday or WednesdayEid al-Adha, Bakrid
26SundayRakhi, Rakshabandhan
27MondayOnam End


Holiday List in September 
02SundayJanmashtami smarta
03MonDayJanmashtami Iskon
11 or 12Tuesday or WednesdayAl-Hijra, Islamic New Year
13ThursdayGanesh Chaturthi
23SundayAutumnal Equinox
28FridayBhagat singh Jayanti


Holiday List in October 
02TuesdayGandhi Jayanti
10WednesdayMaharaja Agrasen Jayanti, Navaratri Prarambh
17WednesdayDurga Ashtami
18ThursdayMaha Navmi, Navami of Durga Puja, Madhvacharva Jayanti
24WednesdayLakshmi Puja, Valmiki Jayanti, meerabai Jayanti
28SundayKarwa Chauth
31WednesdaySardar Vallabbhai Patel Jayanti


Holiday List in November 
06 TuesdayNarak Chaturdashi
07WednesdayDeepawali, Kali Puja
08ThursdayVikram Samvat New Year, Vishwakarma Day, Annkoot, Govardhan Puja
09FridayBhai Dooj
14TuesdayNehru Jayanti, Children’s Day, Chhath Puja
20TuesdayId-e-Milad, Milad an-NAbi
23FridayGuru Nanak Jayanti


Holiday List in December 
21FridayShortest Day of the Year
25MondayMerry Christmas

Important conditions for the list of holidays mentioned above

Now that we have the list of holidays for Central Government, here are the conditions that have been laid down by the Central Government:

  • If a holiday falls on a weekend, no substitute will be granted.
  • If a holiday falls on a non-working day (not weekend), no substitute will be granted.
  • Dates for Muslim holidays may change depending on moon sighting.
  • If Muslim holidays change on a very short notice, notifications will be given through A.I.R, TV or P.I.B. or newspaper. Under such circumstances, Central Government Offices and Department Heads need not wait for any formal order.
  • There are states where Diwali is celebrated a day ahead of the actual Diwali Day. It is known as Narakachaturdasi Day. In such states, Narakachaturdasi Day should be the official Diwali Day. Next day, i.e. the actual Diwali Day should be a working day.
  • List of holidays for Union Territories should be decided by their respective administrations but in accordance with instructions issued by Home Affairs Ministry.

Bank Holidays for Year 

Apart from National Holidays as observed by Central Government, banks remain closed on the public holidays celebrated by different States and Union Territories of India. This means that the banks in different States and Union Territories of India enjoy different regional holidays as mentioned in the list above (State Government Holidays).

Apart from these regional and national holidays, there are other holidays for banks. These are known as “Bank Holiday”. Here is the quick list of those holidays:

April 01SaturdayBank Holiday (all banks)Accounts Closing (Annual)
September 30SaturdayBank Holiday (all banks)Accounts Closing (Mid-Year)

That’s the entire list of holidays for 2018 in India for Centre, States (and Union Territories) and Banks. We do not guarantee that the information in this article is accurate. There may be human errors. In case you spot some error, feel free to drop us a message through the comments section and we will fix the same after validating with authentic sources.

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