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Hajj Yatra 2018 Online Form Registration

Haj Committee of India, like any other year, has arranged Haj Yatra for 2018. The application form has already been out and people who are willing to go for Haj Yatra can send their application to the Haj Committee of India. Forms will be available in their official website. The details of Haj Yatra 2018 are as follows.

Link Aadhaar with people who are visiting Haj

Announcement Details / Important Details

The online application form will be available in their official website Application forms can be filled up from 15th of November 2017. The last date of applying for Haj Yatra 2018 is 7th December 2017. After filling up the forms the pilgrims will be decided on the basis of Qurrah view.

Qurrah view will be conducted in the first week of the month January 2018. Last date for the advance payment for the Haj Yatra 2018 is the second week of January 2018. From 3rd week of the same month the Training for Khadimul Hujjaj will be starting off. It will take place zone-wise.

11th April 2018 is the last date of receiving allotment letters from different Rubats. From 11th July 2018 to 13th August 2018, the charter flight will start flying for Haj. Arafat Day will be on 20th August 2018. People will return back on 24th August 2018.

Website Details

  • Haj Committee of India was established in the year 2002 under the Haj Committee Act. The website has launched as well. The Haj Community official website is Under this website all details of Haj will be available.
  • The Haj yatra for 2018 will be held according to the Haj guidelines and rules. The details about Haj Committee Act, guidelines, terms and conditions all are available in the website. in this following link the details of Haj Committee Act will be available.
  • One can also make payments through the website. The Government of India used to provide a huge subsidy on the payment made by the Haj traveller. Now as the subsidy has been stopped people have to spend at least Rs. 50, 000/- to Rs. 70, 000/- to visit Haj. They can pay through the website only.

How to Get Form

There are two ways to get the application form, online and offline mode. In case of online form fit is available in their official website.

In case of offline forms, one can take a print out of the given form format from the following link One needs to take a print out of the form.

How to apply

  • To apply online one has to register with the website. For registration the user will need computer with internet connection, valid email ID and phone number.
  • Firstly visit the website and click on the ‘Online Application’ tab in the menu bar. The new page will be opened where the users have to select new registration. A registration form will be appeared. Fill that form and submit the details.
  • Once you submit the details OTP or One Time Password will be sent to the valid number you have given. The users have to enter the OTP in specific text box. The registration process will be over.
  • Afterwards go back to the login page and log in to the website with the ID and password you received while registering in the website.
  • Once you log in, the page-wise online forms will appear. One has to enter the correct information in the form and click on submit in the last page. The application process is done finally.
  • Finally the applicant will be redirected to the payment page where the applicant has to make the payment for their Yatra. The flight fare will be charged to the applicants along with Haj charges.


  • People should have international passport that is issued on or before 7th December 2017 and must not be expired before 14th February 2019.
  • Those who have already visited Haj before will not be able to apply or go again. There is a ban on repeaters on Haj Yatra.
  • People who are sick or ill in any form, such as suffering from any serious disease, mental illness, physical illness or women who are in advance stage of pregnancy will not be able to go.
  • People with criminal records will also not be eligible for the scheme. On the other Women who don’t have any male Mahram can go in at least 4+ members’ group.


  1. Passport: Original as well as self attested photocopy.
  2. Address Proof: If Passport shows the same address then no address proof is needed. Otherwise, electricity bills, ration card, Aadhaar Card, Voter ID card and so on can be submitted.
  3. Copy of cancelled cheque
  4. Original bank’s copy
  5. Self declaration

App Details

Along with the website the Haj Committee of India has started Haj mobile app as well. The app is available in Android platform. The user needs to download the app in their Smartphone, open the app and to find the application form. Now the users can apply through the App. The App can be downloaded from

Special Category

If the number of reservation under special category is full and still there deserve pilgrims then they are being sent to the general category following Qurrah process.

Contact Details

Mumbai Head Office

Phone numbers: 022 – 2271 – 7100/ 101 / 102

Fax number: 022 – 2262 – 0920 / 2263 – 0461

E-mail ID:

Delhi Liaison Office

Phone Numbers: 011-23140546/47

Fax Numbers: 011-23450545

E-mail ID:


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