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Linking Aadhaar with your Mobile Number (SIM) Using OTP, IVRS and doorstep Services. Start Date is Dec 1 2017 and last date is 31st March 2017

Linking Aadhaar with all your connections such as bank account, mobile phone, LPG and so on has become mandatory now. To link SIM with Aadhaar the customer has to visit the mobile stores or the telecom store to do so. Recently a new model has launched in which customers can link their aadhaar with SIM with OTP or IVRS from anywhere.

Important Date (Start and Last Date)

From 1st Dec 2017, the users will be able to link their Aadhaar number with their SIM card from home. Recently telecommunication service providers have launched a new model in which customers will not require to visit the telecom service stores for aadhaar linkage. UIDAI has already given approval to the model. From 1st of Dec the system will start implementing.

Last date for aadhaar linkage with SIM card is 31 March 2018. Within this date everyone has to link their aadhaar with the connection.

Offline SIM – Aadhaar Linking

  • At this moment customers are required to visit the telecom service provider’s stores to re-verification their aadhaar number. As per the current system the customers have to provide their fingerprint to the store’s biometric machines.
  • For some telecom provider customers are required to provide finger prints couple of times to link their aadhaar. Then the aadhaar linkage gets done by the store executive.

In the new model no one has to go out to any outlet for doing this task. Customers can do this from home with the help of OTP or IVRS.

How to link Aadhaar with SIM via OTP

  • To link/re-verification the customers have to open the official website of their network provider, say Vodafone. That is page must be opened.
  • In the website find the Aadhaar – SIM re-verification tab and click on it. The page will ask the customers to enter their mobile number and the 12-digit unique aadhaar number.
  • After entering these two details the user will receive a One Time Password in their current mobile number. He/she has to enter that OTP to the box shown in the page.
  • After clicking on the ‘submit’ button the re-verification process will be done. For the new mobile numbers that is those who have issued new mobile phone number in recent times will have to visit the store for aadhaar link then they can re-verification from home.

How to Link Aadhaar with SIM via IVRS

  • In case of Interactive Voice Response the users have to visit the official website of the service providers. In the page find the aadhaar re-verification tab and click on it.
  • If the user chooses re-verification via IVR then a helpline number will appear on your screen. The users have to call on that number for voice assistance.
  • Users will receive a OTP too under this system and has to tell that to the executive on line. This rule is for those who aren’t familiar with digitization much.

Doorstep services For linking Aadhaar Card with SIM

According to the reports, UIDAI has told these leading service providers to start doorstep services. Under this service people who are unable to go out and visit the store will get the facility at their doorstep. There will be portable retina detector that executives will carry. Through this verification will be done for the physically ill, aged or unable to move people. Vodafone has already started working on it and planning to start a Vodafone Van soon.

Linking aadhaar and re-verification is mandatory for all the networks. However it is not possible for many people to go out and visit the stores. By launching such models it will be helpful for the aged and physically ill people to do it smoothly.

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