Kulbhushan Jadhav (Indian Spy) to be Hanged in Pakistan | कुलभूषण जाधव भारतीय जासूस

Kulbhushan Jadhav (Indian Spy) to be Hanged in Pakistan on Grounds of Espionage | Kulbhushan Jadhav News in Hindi

Who is Kulbhushan Jadhav – he is a former Officer of Indian Navy, who was arrested by Pakistan on 3rd March, 2016 in Balochistan, has been given death sentence on APRIL 10. According to Islamabad, Jadhav was a RAW spy installed by India in Balochistan for not only destabilizing the largest province of Pakistan but also for sabotaging the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor).

Kulbhushan Jadhav

ISPR speaks a lot

According to Islamabad, Jadhav is a proof that India has been meddling in Balochistan. The ISPR or Inter-Services Public Relations – the publicity wing of Pakistani Military forces, issued a statement wherein it stated that the army court found Kulbhushan Jadhav guilty of staging espionage and violence in its largest province and hence, sentenced to death by hanging.

The Inter-Services Public Relations today said under PAA or Pakistan Army Act, the FGCM or Field General Court Martial was used for trying the claimed spy. The fact that Jadhav is to be hanged has also been confirmed by General Qamar JavedBajwa – the Army Staff Chief.

According to Inter-Services Public Relations, Jadhav purportedly confessed of the charges and he confessed that not only was he an agent of Research and Analysis Wing but also given the task of organizing and coordinating espionage activities in Balochistan so that the province can wage a war. ISPR said that Jadhav’s job was to hinder the peace-restoring activities of agencies of Law Enforcement that were working towards bringing peace in both Karachi and Balochistan.

A confession video of Jadhav

Pakistani Army even released a video which showed Kulbhushan Jadhav confessing that he worked for Indian Navy. In the video, Jadhav is heard stating that in 2003 he reached Iran and in Chabahar, he started a small business.

India denies Islamabad’s claims

Despite Pakistan putting forward such allegations, India clearly denied that Kulbhushan Jadhav was and Indian spy and that he was in Balochistan for the purposes as mentioned by Islamabad. However, India did not deny the fact that Jadhav was a retired officer of Indian Navy but said that Government of India has absolutely no relationship with Jadhav whatsoever. India also stated that it is in the greater interest of the entire region that Pakistan remains stable and that India will not try to destabilize Pakistan.

However, according to Pakistani media, Jadhav held a permit of residing in Iran and his passport showed the name Hussain Mubarak Patel. As per the passport, say Pak media, Maharashtra’s Sangli is where Jadhav was born.

It is noteworthy that Pakistan has a historical record of claiming that India interferes in Balochistan but when asked for proof, they (Pakistan government) simply sighed away. Not so surprising, Indian camp always dismissed every allegation made by Pakistanis.

Sartaz Aziz said that there is no evidence of Jadhav being a spy

The story of Kulbhushan Jadhav is not so different. Sartaj Aziz – adviser of foreign policy in Pakistan was recorded saying that all documents that are present on the so called Indian spy, Kulbhushan Jadhav had nothing more than simple statements and lacked proper evidence. A few hours after Aziz made that statement, Pakistan simply denied that the statement was ever made.

Bilateral ties take a hit

There is no denying that bilateral ties between India and Pakistan have taken a hit because of this move by Pakistan. After Pakistan captured Jadhav, India repeated requested for consular access or extradition but Islamabad denied on the grounds that Jadhav is a living proof that India is meddling in Balochistan.

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