Krishi Upaj Rahan Loan Scheme in Rajasthan (Registration on

Krishi Upaj Rahan Loan Scheme in Rajasthan (Registration on | Agriculture Produce Deposit Loan Scheme

The condition of farmers is very bad in the state of Rajasthan. The farmers have recently presented a petition that consisted of 11 points. The state authority has agreed to all these points. But more assistance is required for the development of the agricultural workers. In this regard, the state government has announced the implementation of the Krishi Upaj Rahan Loan Scheme. The credit scheme is also known as the Agriculture Produce Deposit Loan Scheme. Under the scheme, the farmers will acquire credit at low rates to cope with the monetary requirements. This scheme is a short-term credit program.

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Krishi Upaj Rahan Loan Scheme Agriculture Produce Deposit

Name Krishi Upaj Rahan Loan Scheme | Agriculture Produce Deposit Loan Scheme
Guidance Chief Minister of the state Vasundhara Raje
Announced Date September 2017
Launched By Ajay Kilak, the State Cooperative Minister
Supervised By State Cooperative Department
Official Link Of the State

Key Features of the scheme

  1. Payback on the repayment – The state government has also declared that the farmers who repay the credit on time will get an additional 2% payback on the amount that they have deposited.
  2. LAMPS and GSS – The scheme will also provide the benefits to the farmers who are already registered under the GSS and the LAPMS.
  3. Categorization – The categorization of the farmers will be done on the on the basis of audit. The audit must be done regularly. On the basis of the information, the farmers will be categorized as A and B.
  4. Surplus resources – Apart from the points mentioned above, the scheme will assure the availability of surplus resources.
  5. Meeting the market price point – The credit will be provided to the farmers who are unable to get profit from the market by selling the crop that has been raised by the respective farmers.

“Karz Mafi Yojana are being run in states, you can read Eligibility Rules for UP Loan Waiver Schemes and Eligibility Rules for Shetkari Karz Mafi Yojana Maharashtra. Rajasthan government is also working for loan waiver for state’s farmers.”

Loan Features Krishi Upaj Rahan Loan Scheme

Loan Amount

Under the scheme, the state government will assist the marginal as well as the small farmers by providing monetary assistance, in the form of credit. The same will be given to the big farmers as well. The demarcation of the category of farmers and the amount of credit they will acquire will depend on the price of the product that the respective farmers have produced. The marginal and small farmers will get a credit of 1.5 lakhs and the large farmers will acquire a loan of 3 lakhs.

Interest rates of the scheme

The main objective of the state government is to assist the farmers in meeting their financial requirements. The credit will be provided to the farmers at low interest rates. The credit that the farmers will be given, as per the guidelines of the scheme, will be marked at an interest rate of 11%. The loan will be given at subsidized rates.

Loan tenure under the scheme

It has been highlighted in the draft of the scheme that the farmers who will acquire the agricultural credit will have to pay it back within a term of 90 days. Only under special circumstances, the state will permit a time span of maximum of 6 months for the repayment of the credit.

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Eligibility criteria of the scheme

  1. For the farmers of the state – To get the benefits of the scheme, the farmers will have to be residents of the state of Rajasthan. They need to possess Aadhar card and voter card that has been issued by the state government.
  2. NPA related criteria – It has been highlighted in the scheme that if the Non – Profit Asses of NPA is less than 10%, they will be able to get the credit.
  3. Only 70% cost as credit – The scheme will provide the farmers with only 70% of the total money at which the farmer would have sold the crop. The calculation will be done on the basis of the market price.
  4. Active bank account – As the credit will be given to the farmers via the account, it is mandatory that every farmer has an active bank account. The details of the account must be provided along with the registration form.

“For monetary assistance in the dairy business, a loan scheme as the name of the Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme has been announced by central.”

How to get Application Form and Apply Under the scheme

  1. As the scheme has been implemented recently, the state government is still to define the procedure of its implementation. But the authority has declared that even those farmers, who are registered under the LAMPA and the GSS, will get the benefits of the credit.
  2. The categories A and B will be able to register provided that they undergo regular audit.
  3. The farmers will have to go to the Gram Seva Samiti and fill the application form. These Gram Samities will be audited and monitored periodically as well.
  4. They will have to meet the requirements of NPA as per the guidelines of the scheme.
  5. Once the form has been filled and the application has been submitted, the respective department will do the needful and provide the selected farmers with the credit amount.
  6. The money will be transferred in the bank account of the farmer.

UP Khadi Gramodyog Yojana and Deen Dayal Bunkar Loan Yojana have been implemented by government for developing new entrepreneur.”

With the implementation of the scheme, the farmers of the state can take a sigh of relief. They will no longer have to worry about incurring a loss by selling the crop at low rates in the market. Once the rate in the market falls, the state government will provide the loan according to the guidelines of the scheme.

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