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IRCTC Plans to launch New Laptop, Phone, Gadget Insurance Scheme

IRCTC is planning to introduce a new insurance scheme for the passengers of Indian Railways. This new insurance scheme will be a great initiative as it will be providing insurance coverage for the gadgets of the passengers. This scheme will provide coverage for several gadgets such as laptops, mobile phones, etc. of the passengers.  This scheme will provide cover for thefts and accidents occurred to the gadgets. The planning of the scheme was done in a meeting between insurance companies and IRCTC.

Initial Stage of New Insurance Scheme

In the initial stage of the scheme, the insurance cover will not be provided to all the individuals. The insurance companies have high doubts about false claims on gadgets. Thus IRCTC and insurance companies have planned in the meeting that this new insurance cover will be provided to the credit card holders or the government officials of India in the initial stage of the scheme.

IRCTC Plans to launch New Laptop, Phone, Gadget Insurance Scheme

Implementation Problems

The new insurance scheme is facing several implementation problems. The insurance companies are concerned about the false claims of the passengers and they are also not willing to provide insurance coverage in case of theft. Thus the proper implementation of the scheme is in doubt. But IRCTC is trying to solve these issues. They have already arranged several meetings with the insurance companies in order to solve the implementation problems and they are hopeful that the issues will be resolved.

IRCTC is planning to launch a new scheme due to the success of their previously launched scheme. The previous scheme of IRCTC was named 92 paise.

Details of 92 Paise Scheme

IRCTC launched a scheme named 92 paise last month. The scheme is a travel insurance plan with an insurance cover of up to Rs. 10 lakh for a premium of 92 paise. The scheme is offered in case of accidents or incidents like terrorist attack, rioting, etc.

92 paise scheme was a huge success and more than 1 crore Indians have availed the facilities of the scheme until now. Also, IRCTC is planning to reduce the premium to 1 paise from 7 October to 31 October for covering the Diwali crowd.

These successes have enticed IRCTC to launch another insurance scheme and the idea and the thought process behind it is very innovative and noble. If there are not any false claims, this scheme will be one of the most people friendly & useful schemes.

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