IPL 10 Gujarat Lions (GL) 2017 Team, Squad, Players, Bowlers, Batsman

IPL 10 Gujarat Lions (GL) 2017 Team, Squad, Players, Captain, History, Owners, Facts, Records, Bowlers, Batsman, Jersey, Logo and Team Identity

The Gujarat Lions are relatively new when compared with other teams in the IPL. The team is actually designed as a replacement team as two other teams in IPL have been suspended. Whether the Lions will continue to remain an IPL team after those teams are reinstated is unclear. However, Gujarat has proven to be an intriguing market for cricket. The team also has a good assortment of different stars from India as well as a variety of other countries from around the world.

IPL 10 Gujarat Lions (GL)

The team is new but it has been successful in its first year. Much of this comes from the assortment of talented players that it has taken in.

IPL 10 2017 Team

The 2017 edition of the Gujarat Lions will operate with two different venues. Most of the team’s matches will be played in Rajkot while a few will also be played in Ahmedabad. Suresh Raina will be the captain while Brad Hodge remains as the head coach. The competition for the team will be strong in the coming year.


There are various noteworthy players on the 2017 Gujarat Lions to note. Many of them are players who have been around the IPL for a while. Some of these players came onto the team from the suspended teams and continue to make their mark in the league to this day:

  • Ravindra Jadeja is an all-rounder who played for the Chennai Super Kings from 2012 to 2015. He has competed in 25 test matches for India and has more than 800 runs in those matches.
  • Brendon McCullum has competed for various Australian cricket teams since 1999. He has played on and off for various Indian programs as well. He has played in more than a hundred test matches for his native country of New Zealand. McCullum stars as a fellow batsman for the Lions.
  • Praveen Kumar is the top bowler for the team. He has competed for various IPL teams since the league formed in 2008. Even with this, he has only played in six test matches for India.
  • Dinesh Karthik is a wicket keeper for the Lions. He has competed for the Tamil Nadu cricket team in many forms since 2002. In 2007, Karthik was a part of India’s test cricket team as they won their first series in England in more than twenty years.

The players on the team come from India for the most part with six overseas players included. These players are also rather varied in terms of their levels of experience in competition.


The captain for the 2017 team is Suresh Raina. From 2008 to 2015, he played for the Chennai Super Kings. He is like many other Super Kings who started playing for the team as the Super Kings were suspended from competition. Raina is the second player in IPL history to score 3,000 runs and has the record for most catches with 52. He also holds one test century and five ODI centuries. While he has competed in many of these matches, he does much of his best work in the T20 realm of cricket.

Raina is a batsman and all-rounder who uses a left-handed batting stance. He also has a right arm off break bowling style. His salary is also the highest among all members of the team at Rs. 125 million.


Brad Hodge is the coach of the Gujarat Lions. He is a former competitive batsman from Australia who played for the Victoria cricket team for twenty years. He has gone back and forth between Australia and India over the years in terms of his involvement in the sport. He was particularly a T20 specialist throughout much of his career.

He was especially noted in Australia for once having a double century in a match against South Africa. He also scored more than 10,000 runs in the Sheffield Shield. This makes him the highest scorer for Victoria in the history of that prominent Australian cricket event.


The formation of the Gujarat Lions came about due to the suspension of two other IPL teams. In 2015, the Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were suspended from play. This was due to the teams engaging in illegal betting activities.

The two teams were suspended for the 2016 and 2017 seasons. The IPL formed the Lions as a means of ensuring that the league would have an even number of teams during those two seasons. This especially came over concerns over the players who were left dormant as well as problems over trying to attain additional teams.

Many of the players who were from those two suspended teams were chosen by the Lions in a draft. It is unclear as to where the players on the team will go after the Royals and Super Kings are reinstated. There is always a potential that the players might stick with the Lions.

The team was introduced into the league alongside the Rising Pune Giants. The overall plan was to have an even number of teams as a means of making it easier for the scheduling process to work a little better. This was especially critical given how scheduling would have been rather uneven. This would have come with teams not having an equal number of home and road games if only an odd number of teams came in.

Because the team had a low bid during its auction, the team did not get the right to pick the first player during a player draft in 2016. This led to Rising Pune Giants having the right to the first pick. The Giants ended up surprising the cricket world by using that pick of MS Dhoni, the team’s recent coach.

During the 2016 season, the Lions had a 9-5 record. The team won six of its first seven matches with batsman Aaron Finch winning the Man of the Match honors in each of the first three matches.

During the playoffs that year, the team lost the first qualifier by four wickets to Royal Challengers Bangalore. A few days later, the Lions lost their second qualifier again by four wickets. This time the loss was to the Sunrisers Hyderabad.

The Lions are hoping to contend again in 2017 and to make a name for them. This is especially in the hopes of helping to keep a team in Gujarat even after the two suspended teams do come back. Even so, there are still no guarantees that the two teams are actually going to return.


Keshav Bansal is the owner of the Gujarat Lions. He has become a very popular figure in India for being a powerful entrepreneur and for influencing other young people in India to work in the business sector. Since2013, Bansal has been the director of Intex Technologies.

Intex Technologies has operated as a prominent manufacturer and seller of smartphones in India. The company has also ventured into some other forms of technology as it makes television sets and audio equipment among other products.


Five of the home matches each year for the team are played at the Saurashtra Cricket Stadium in Rajkot. This is a relatively new venue that opened in 2008. The venue has made some new grounds in terms of development as it hosted a test match between India and England in November 2016. It also hosts a T20I match between India and Australia in October 2013.

While the stadium is relatively new, it has a few design features to make it look similar to the Lord’s Cricket Ground in London. The press box was especially designed to include the futuristic look similar to how the Lord’s press box was designed.

The team plays two matches a year at the Sardar Patel Stadium in Ahmedabad. The stadium was rebuilt in recent time to handle larger crowds. The venue had hosted Cricket World Cups matches in 1987, 1996 and 2011. Although the stadium has held various test matches, it has not done so since 2012.


  • Keshav Bansal, the owner of the Lions, is the youngest person to have owned an IPL team. He was 25 years of age when he acquired the team. He continues to hold the team to this day.
  • The stadium that they play at in Rajkot features two different grounds for play. The team reserves one full ground for practice use while the other is designed for actual matches.
  • Shadab Jakati is the oldest player on the team at 36 years of age. His is a veteran of the IPL and was bought by the Lions for Rs. 20 lakh. This is the same total that Royal Challengers Bangalore spent on his in 2014.
  • Ishan Kishan is the youngest player on the team at 18 years old. Inspired heavily by MS Dhoni and Adam Gilchrist, Kishan competes for Jharkhan as a batsman in addition to his work with the Lions. In 2016, Kishan scored 273 runs in the Ranji Trophy competition. This was the highest number of runs scored by a competitor in the event that year.


The records for the Gujarat Lions are rather minimal as the team has only been around for one season. Even with this, the Lions managed to have the best record in the league in 2016 with a 9-5 run. The team had a net run rate of -0.374.

In addition to Aaron Finch getting the Man of the Match honor three times, Dwayne Smith also received that honor twice. This included one performance late in the season where he had four overs. Praveen Kumar also had Man of the Match honors for a 2/19 performance with four overs.


The jersey for the Gujarat Lions features a predominantly dark orange color. It has a few blue accents on it as well. These blue parts can be found in swirls on the top and bottom parts of the jersey. These colors match up with the team logo. TYKA is the official manufacturer of the jerseys for the team.

Hero MotoCorp will sponsor the front part of the team’s jerseys in 2017. Hero makes a number of motorcycles less than 250cc in size as well as scooters and dominates the two-wheeler market around India. Oxygen, a prepaid service provider, was the original sponsor of the kits.

Idea is the sponsor of the back part of the jersey.  TVS Tires was the sponsor for the 2016 season. Gujarat Tourism is also offering a major sponsorship stake in the team as a means of promoting the club.

Logo and Team Identity

The team logo features a mix of yellow, brown and orange colors. It features the image of a roaring lion. This showcases the fierce and competitive nature of the Lions as well as its overall strength.

The lion in particular is an Asiatic lion. This is a member of the lion family that is native of parts of India.  The design of the mascot was made to create a more appealing look that relates to what people are familiar with around the region.

The greatest concern for the team identity is that there has not been much of a chance for the team to develop a reliable image in Gujarat. This is primarily due to the lack of a solid set venue for the team. The fact that this team was designed to be temporary is especially a concern. An effort may be made to try and make this into a better permanent team over time. The fact that the team has plenty of talented players and had a very successful first season could improve upon that team’s chances for success.

The overall success of the Gujarat Lions in such a short period of time has been relatively noteworthy. There is still a consideration over how long the team will be around for. It will be intriguing to see how the Lions continue to perform as they get together to try and become even more successful in the coming 2017 season.

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