Interest Free Loan Scheme for Women in Kerala 2022

Interest Free Loan Scheme (1 Lakh) for Women in Kerala 2020 Refurnishing Flood Hit Houses

Millions in Kerala are still stuck in the relief camps. The massive flood destroyed lives as well as property. In some areas, the flood water reached so high that if engulfed two-storey buildings. The water level in slowly coming down, and soon the rescued people will go back to their homes. These homes will require sanitization and refurnishing to make them habitable again. For the assistance of flood hot victims, state government has announced an interest free credit scheme. The Interest Free Loan Scheme is designed for women and the money must be utilized for refurnishing the affected homes.


Launch details

Name of the scheme Interest Free Loan Scheme for Women
Launched in Kerala
Launched by Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister
Date of announcement August,