Hawa badlo App

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Hawa badlo App

India is now all geared up to provide a healthy and safe environment to the countrymen. After Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s swacch Bharat Abhiyaan now it is time for the EPCA to take another initiative to provide a pollution-free environment to the citizens of India. Environment Pollution Control Authority or EPCA has recently launched a mobile app that lets you report about any pollution you face in your city. The app namely Hawa Badlo (change the environment) will be available soon and users can download it on their smart phones from the store.

Features of the App:

  • Hawa Badlo app is a mobile application that will let you report about any pollution in your city. Pollution like dust generated by building construction, leaf or tree burning, garbage burning, open garbage or anything in your city can be mentioned in the app.
  • The officials from the EPCA will work on the cases users will lodge and they will publish the report about the working process in the app as well. Users can see how the problem is being solved and then they can shut down the case.
  • As of now in the region of Delhi-NCR area is available in the app. Though the app is available across the country and anyone can lodge a case from any city.

Hawa badlo App

Download and Use the Hawa Badlo App

Hawa Badlo app is available in Google Play Store in Android operating system. There are two apps under Hawa Badlo, one for the users and another for the officials. In the users’ app common people can lodge a complaint about the pollution and in official app the officials will publish the reports.

Using Hawa Badlo App

  • To use the app one must download the app first. Once the download is done the user has to open an account with the app just like any other social media app.
  • After signing up with the app, enter the area / city / region. Then the sign up is completed and the app is ready to use.
  • Open ‘my account’ tab and the user can find the options for which pollution type should be reported. Select the pollution type you want to report like leaf burning or garbage burning or building garbage dust. Then lodge a case against the pollution. You can also upload images for evidence.
  • After mentioning the issue, uploading the images lodge the complaint. It will be shown in your account as ‘open case’ if it is not solved. Once the case is solved your complaint will be seen as ‘closed case’ in your account.
  • You can also see your total number of lodged cases in the upper section of the app screen under ‘my account’ tab.

App for the officials

  • There is a different Hawa Badlo App for the concerning officials under EPCA. In this app the official has to open an account with the app after downloading it. Once a case is lodged, the concerning official of that specific area will be notified.
  • The official can view the cases under his ‘case history’ segment in his ‘my account’ tab in the app.
  • Then there is a page of ‘action taken’ in which the official has to update the process of solving issues along with the pictures so that the user can view the action in progress.
  • Once the case is solved the official can close the case from their app by pressing ‘i want to close the app’ button. The closed case will be recorded under ‘closed cases’ in users’ app and in ‘my closed cases’ in officials’ app.

The verdict

As of now, not many people have used it so no much feedback had come. But overall the app looks promising as it will be a platform through which the common people can openly see how the officials are working. It is more like an open field than any official document. Once a user lodges a complaint within no time he can see how things are going. The app will be able to show weekly environment reports that will also be reported to the Supreme Court for their concern.

Hawa Badlo App – Quick Review

Launched by EPCA with Supreme Court
Launched in October 2016
Aim To provide pollution free environment
Users Any common man and EPCA officials
Available on Android Devices
Uses Report / lodge cases of air pollution
Covering area Delhi – NCR now and other states

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