Free Wi-Fi Rural Area Gram panchayats Bengaluru (User name and Password)

Free Wi-Fi in Rural Area cover 500 Gram panchayats Bengaluru Passwords Connect (User name and Password)

To appease the youth of rural areas, the Bengaluru government has once again taken a positive measure. They have planned to provide free Wi-Fi in the rural areas. This is a step to ensure that the rural youth stays connected with the rest of the world.

Free Wi-Fi in Rural Area Cover 500 Gram Panchayats Bengaluru

Key Features

  • Free Wi-Fi up to 1GB: According to this new plan, the Information Technology Department will provide free Wi-Fi up to 1GB each month to the users.
  • Within 1km square: If you live within 1km square of the service provider’s tower, then you will get this benefit. However, there will be many service providers who will have their posts across the area.
  • Gram Panchayats under the scheme: Under this scheme around 500 Gram panchayats are going to get this service in the first phase of its implementation.
  • 316 more to get this benefit: Also, by