e-Tourist Visa or No e-Tourist Visa

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e-Tourist Visa or No e-Tourist Visa: Another Scheme Fails

More tourists will come to India and the country will progress – such was the belief of the government when they launched this new e-tourist visa scheme. To facilitate the tourists from all over the globe new scheme was introduced last year. This scheme aimed to make entry in the country convenient. Via eTV the tourists can apply online. All they need to do is to upload their photograph and passport, and submit the visa fee online. It was believed that this easy approach to get Indian visa will magnetize more tourists –but unfortunately it did not happen the way it was thought.

e-Tourist Visa

The results are contradicting the assumption 

Aforementioned facilities to get Indian visa could not win many tourists’ heart. A survey was conducted and various hotel managements were asked the same question; if eTV actually brought a significant change in the number of tourists. Most of the hotel management staff answered with a negative. Many of the staff members believe, the government did not advertise this program they way it should have been. But the current business remains unscathed by this scheme.

But it should be noted that the government just did not remain silent after launching this program, it was on the contrary much touted about.

Maybe the peak season will do… 

We waited for the peak season that maybe we will see an exponentially growing change in the number of tourists, but we failed too –just like this scheme. According to hoteliers, there is no significant impact of the scheme to bring more tourists –although the peak season has already begun. As the government judged this scheme was seemingly going to triple or quadruple the business. But on the contrary, even the month of October has nearly ended, it could only increase 10% to 15%  –which is normal according to hoteliers for the peak season.

The hoteliers are not very hopeful. They say they have invested in a luxury business and this scheme has not affected the business in bits. The scenario is the same as it was when there was no eTV.

Noteworthy is the fact the Incredible India Campaign is offline since a year –which is a big reason why more tourists are not coming to visit the country.

The Government is hopeful!

While the hoteliers do not see much benefit in the scheme, the government sees the other side of the picture. The government officials believe that this scheme is relatively newer and will take time to take effect. The optimized results will be seen the next year, 2016. Previously, Visa on Arrival facility was offered to only citizens of 12 countries. Now this scheme facilitates the citizens of more than 113 countries.

Whatever people say but this scheme has bettered India’s image. Now people see India as more digitalized, more hospitable and more welcoming to the world. New markets are going to open alongside the key source markets. In addition to Italy, Spain, Japan, many other countries have investment plans in new business initiatives.

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