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Delhi Doorstep Services Scheme

Delhi Doorstep 40 Services Scheme Yojana [Mobile Sahayak, Public Services]

The residents of Delhi are all set to get several government services delivered at their doorstep with the help of this Delhi Doorstep Services Scheme. This means that the government officials will visit your house and deliver the services to you. It is the first of its kind to be availed anywhere in the country.

Delhi Doorstep Services Scheme

Name Delhi Doorstep Services Scheme
Announcement Made On   Nov 2017
Expected implementation March 2018
Launched by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal
Key People Delhi residents

Features of the scheme

  • Certificates at your doorstep: The main idea of this scheme is to provide the certificates and the official documents to the doorstep of the individuals.
  • No more long queues: The best benefit of this scheme is that it will kill the long queues and it will also save time for both the people and the government.
  • Fee: A nominal fee shall be charged for providing these services. However, the government is yet to decide how much they should charge for these services.
  • Time efficient: This process is likely to save a lot of time of the residents of the state. It will at the same time ensure that you are getting the benefits according to your time.
  • Easy availability of ID: You no longer have to carry your vital documents from place to place. You can keep them at your own home wherein the officials can verify it from.

First phase details

In the first phase, the government will provide many services. But still the citizens will have to go to the office if their physical presence is necessary for the same. In this phase about 15 services (mentioned below) will be included. From 2018 to 2019 the first phase of this scheme shall be implemented.

Second phase details

In the second phase of implementation, total 40 public services are aimed to be provided at people’s doorstep. The government will keep adding such services till all the services are in the list.

Mobile Sahayaks Details

  1. The mobile Sahayaks will be chosen via private organizations. Not only that, the government also aims to set up call centers across the state so that whenever someone needs assistance, they can call the mobile sahayaks.
  2. The mobile Sahayaks will be very flexible in the fact that they will visit your house and then complete all the formalities. You can therefore fix an appointment with the sahayak over telephone in future.
  3. The Mobile Sahayaks will also be very well equipped. They will carry all the necessary machinery such as a camera and the biometric devices to take the prints.

Services List under Delhi Doorstep Services Scheme

These are the aforementioned services that you will get delivered to your doorstep under this scheme –

Doorstep Delivery Service Scheme – List of Public Services

Government services

  • OBC certificate / SC certificate / ST certificate
  • Domicile / Residence certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Delayed Birth Order
  • Delayed Death Order
  • Lal Dora certificate
  • Report on Land status
  • Permanent Identity Card for disabled people
  • Issuance of ROR Solvency certificate
  • Surviving member certificate
  • Marriage registration Certificate
  • Enrollment as civil defense volunteer

Transport Department 

  • Duplicate RC
  • Change of address in RC
  • Transfer of ownership of vehicle
  • Hypothecation addition
  • Hypothecation termination
  • Issuance of No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Learner license Permanent driving licence (DL)
  • Renewal of driving licence
  • Duplicate driving licence (Temporary Copy)
  • Change of address in driving licence

Services in Social Welfare Department

  • Delhi family welfare
  • Delhi family benefit scheme
  • Handicapped pension scheme
  • Old age pension scheme

Ration department

  • Issuance of priority household cards
  • Updation of member details in different cards

Delhi jal board

  • New water connection
  • New sewer connection
  • Mutation
  • Reopening after rebuilding of house etc
  • Disconnection of water supply

Services in labour department

  • Registration of construction workers – building construction worker act Renewal of registration – building construction worker act

Women and child department

  • Widow pension scheme Financial assistance to poor widow for daughter’s marriage

Law and Justice department

  • Marriage licence for marriages of Indian Christians

This scheme has been set up with a very beneficial idea. But it is still at a nascent stage. Only after its implementation the government will figure out the full scope of events. However, if it is properly implemented, it has the potential to transfer services at a greater efficiency.



Doorstep Delivery Of Rations in Delhi

  1. Hassle-free procedure – Many people live too far from the ration shops, or don’t have any way to get to these outlets easily. With the implementation of this scheme, such individuals will no longer have to worry about this problem. They can get the ration delivered right to them homes.
  2. Facility to pick preferable time – The best feature of this new scheme is people will be able to pick a date and time that is convenient for them. The ration will be delivered to their homes on that date and time.
  3. Freedom from theft – Several cases had been registered, which highlighted that grains were stolen from ration shops and sold at higher rates elsewhere. When this project becomes operation, issues like these can be dealt with ease.
  4. Assurance of quality – The scheme also highlights that from now on, home delivery of ration will be done in sealed packets. So, there is no way to lower with the quality of the grains. It will keep adulteration and corruption away.
  5. Inviting tenders – To carry out the doorstep delivery of ration easily, the authority has already issued an official tender. It invites interested distributors to get in touch with respective department within the coming month.

Implementation of the scheme

As the scheme has just received approval, and there is still some time before it is finally rolled out, respective authority has not yet come out with the implementation details. CM Kejriwal mentioned he will keep a close watch on the entire implementation procedure. He also announced that ration and distribution departments will have to report to him directly.


Delhi Colleges to Issue Learner’s Driving License unde Doorstep Scheme

In a recent announcement, Delhi AAP government declared that it will soon launch a new scheme that has been targeted towards young college students. Many students drive to the colleges on a daily basis. But not all have proper driving licenses. It often causes accidents. Under the new scheme, interested college principals can attain special permission from the government and offer learner’s driving license to the students. This scheme will not only reduce pressure on driving schools, but will also make it easy for college students to attain their driving license. The license that colleges issue will lose its validity after a span of six months. Students must attain a proper license within these six months.

Other Scheme

  1. Chhattisgarh Noni Suraksha Yojana 
  2. Pradhan Mantri Mahila Shakti Kendra Yojana 
  3. Delhi Danteshwari Service Free Auto Rickshaw Scheme
  4. Fee Waiver Scheme in Delhi

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