Jan 022018

Deendayal Upadhyay Labor Canteen Scheme Chhattisgarh (Thali Price At Rs 10 For Daily Wage Workers )

The canteen scheme is a scheme launched for the workers of the area. This scheme will address the issue of food shortage and will ensure that the workers get nutritious food. Let us know more about this scheme.

Deendayal Upadhyay Labor Canteen Scheme Chhattisgarh

Launch Date

This scheme was launched by the chief Minister Raman Singh on the occasion of New Year, that is, on 1st Jan 2018. He named it the Deendayal Upadhyay Labor Canteen Scheme. After launching the scheme, he also had meal with the laborers residing in the Rajnandgaon region.

Features of the scheme

  • Aim: The aim of this scheme is to bring the economically weaker sections and the urban poor into a common umbrella of subsidy.
  • Thali Price: As per the scheme, the government will provide food to the workers at subsidized rates. The rate per plate will be Rs. 10.
  • Implementation: This scheme will first be implemented in 11 districts across the state. In the first phase, it will be set up in places like Raipur, Durg, etc.
  • Food center: To avail the food to the beneficiaries, the government will set up food centers across the state. In these food centers, you can get the plates at the preplanned rates.
  • Beneficiaries: Around 700 daily wage workers shall be eligible to receive the benefits of this scheme. This figure is just for the state capital. More are to follow.

Why this scheme?

This scheme comes at a time when it is extremely necessary for the workers to get adequate food. The canteen schemes have previously also been practiced in other states to alleviate the woes of the poor and the daily wage workers. The mid day meal scheme was also a part of this initiative around the country.

To make sure that out of the three basic requirements of food, clothing and shelter, the first one if available to the masses, this scheme was put in place. However, right now only the first phase of implementation of the scheme has been talked about. As the scheme progresses and its benefits are noticed, it will spread wide into the other districts. This is indeed a positive step which will help the poor. 30 food centers shall be opened up around the state as a part of this scheme. Daily the workers and the laborers will be able to get unlimited food at Rs. 10 per plate from here.


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