DataWind Pocketsurfer GZ free internet connection for one year

DataWind Pocketsurfer GZ  free internet connection for one year

DataWind is a Canada based company that provides computers and mobile phones at much lower costs. The company has recently launched a new app on Android platform through which any Android user can use unlimited internet for next one year. The plan is not only cheap compare to other plans but also the most unique thing about it is to use the internet one does not need to insert a sim card or any sort of hotspot connection in the device.

DataWind Company

As mentioned that the company DataWind, Canada based, manufactures and provides low cost gadgets like computers and mobile phones. The company concentrates on the developing countries like India where people opt for low cost smart phones and computers. In recent times DataWind has provided low cost tablet computer namely Akash and it is doing quite well in Indian market.

Now the company is all set to launch their cheap smartphone called pocketsurfer GZ in which users will get one year free internet through the Android App. It will allow the users to enjoy unlimited data for one whole year without sim or hotspot connection.

DataWind Pocketsurfer GZ  free internet connection for one year

Stand Alone Android App by DataWind

The app will be launched in Android platform only. According to the CEO of the company, India is the biggest region that has maximum Android users. Apple and windows users are also there in the nation but not as much as Android users. It is obvious that Apple users can spend quite well after their internet packs while Android users might seek for cheaper plans in many regions.

The company is targeting the regions in India where many people opt for low cost phones and free internet usage. Though the App will be launched in India but the company surely wants to capture these particular markets where there are many such buyers.

The pricing of the data packs

  • Pocketsurfer GZ comes with the free internet connection for one year. Users will have to pay a onetime charge of Rs. 1499/- for one year. On the other the App they are going to launch will be priced Rs. 99 to Rs. 150/- for a year.
  • Users have to buy the data pack prior to use the unlimited internet. It will be considered as pre-paid data packs for the apps. Even though users don’t buy the new smart phone but they can still download the app from Play Store and enjoy unlimited free internet.
  • The price will either be paid through online purchase or users can purchase the data cards through retailers as well. The company has set a target of 10, 000 retailers who will provide such data card.

The App Process, Access and Usage

The App is available in Play Store. So anyone with an Android Device is able to download the stand alone app on their mobile phone or tablet. Once the user will download the app he /she will be directly connected to the DataWind Internet Access. They can easily access the internet from DataWind database for next one year.

The data connection will support 2G and more speed. Though the picture about the connection is not clear yet, the company has claimed that a user can open any webpage through any browser at any point of time. Also the app offers nearly 97% data saving while opening webpage. So the usage of data will be much lower than anyone can expect.

As the price of the data packs show it can surely be said that it is one of the lowest prices of data packs in India till date.

The Verdict

As of now the company has not revealed much about the phone or the data packs. Also they haven’t given any notification about the launching date of the app or the phone. So we can’t say properly when users can get the opportunity to enjoy such cheap offers.

As a whole the offer seems to be promising as it will bring down the usage of the data by 97% as promised by the company. On the other the company has also promised that even in 2G connection the user will be able to surf any webpage like social media, travel pages, news, sports, entertainment and much more. Though as per the sources it still is working on the connectivity and heavy pages are taking little more time to load but still the offer looks convincing.

In developing countries like India, people judge things by their price. If the price is cheap then mass go for it. So the company is hopeful about the fact that they will be able to grab a handful of customer under this region. On the other the mass is also waiting for it as unlimited internet in just Rs. 150/- for a year is definitely a boon for them.

DataWind Free Internet – At a Glance

Product Pocketsurfer GZ smartphone
Service Free Unlimited internet for 1 year
App Stand Alone App for free internet
Platform Android
Supported devices Android mobile, tablets
Launched by DataWind
Price Rs. 1499/- for the phone’s connection, Rs. 150/- (max) for the App.

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