BSNL Free wifi hotspot | Charges | Registration | Coverage Area

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BSNL Free wifi hotspot | Charges | Registration | Coverage Area

After reliance and Google, it is time for BSNL to launch wifi hotspot connection in different cities across the country. In the month of April 2016, BSNL had announced to provide high-speed wifi connection to connect the panchayets in India. Currently the plan has geared up to several urban areas where open wifi is much needed by the people. BSNL has said to install nearly 20, 000 igh speed wifi hotspot in 2000 cities in India. This will be a way of compensating weak mobile data and also for the areas where 4G does not really work.

BSNL Free wifi hotspot

BSNL wifi hotspot – connection features

Bangalore based IT company, QuadGen Wireless will be the partner with whom BSNL will be aiming to install more than 20, 000 wifi hotspots in 2000 cities across the nation.

  • The connection will be faster than 4G and also will be available in those areas where mobile data does not work.
  • This wifi hotspot will be connected to any smartphone that supports wifi, not only the phones that have BSNL mobile connection.
  • The speed of the connection will be up to 20mbps which is definitely quite faster than any other connection
  • According to QuadGen, they are trying to fetch a latest technology with which a person who is already connected to the wifi will get automatically connected when he/she will enter the zone again.
  • Over 600 million users can be able to use the wifi.

BSNL wifi hotspot – Charges

Unlike other open wifi networks, BSNL will have small recharge amounts to use this wifi.

  • The first 15 minutes of the service will be given free.
  • After 15 minutes the charges will be applicable.
  • Different charges and packages will be launched as per the usage of the users. The packages will be Rs. 200/- for a month or for one time usage one can take Rs. 30/ for an hour and so on.

BSNL wifi Hotspot – coverage area

According to the QuadGen and BSNL, they are opting for the semi-urban and small cities at the first place to launch the hotspot. The states that are considered to have first BSNL wifi hotspot are Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Telengana. Mainly the company will focus on the southern parts of the country.

BSNL wifi Hotspot – registration

The registration will be pretty much same as the other open wifi facility.

  • User is required to go to wifi setting in his/her phone and search for available wifi networks.
  • Once the user will find BSNL wifi hotspot, he/she needs to click on it to connect it
  • The login page will appear and will ask you for your phone number.
  • Enter your phone number and receive an one time password to login
  • Enter the password and connect to the wifi network.

BSNL wifi Hotspot – final verdict

In compare to names like Vodafone, Airtel and reliance, BSNL is still running far behind. To make this installation successful, they are required to run little faster than before make it a desirable step.

BSNL wifi hotspot – at a glance

Wifi hotspot Facility
Installation 20, 000
Cities 2000
Users 600 million
Free wifi First 15 minutes
Charges Rs. 30/hour to Rs. 200/month
Partner QuadGen

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