What is QR Code | Bharat QR Code Payment System Bank

 What is QR Code | Bharat QR Code Payment System Bank

The Govt. of India has launched another efficient and smart way of making cashless transactions viable to general public, with the launch of Bharat QR code. This is a unique payment system where one can just scan the Bharat QR code through his / her mobile and pay the money online. After the wave of demonetization brought by PM Modi in India, there has been a exponential growth in the use of transaction procedures where there is no involvement of hard cash. Indian economy is slowly transforming into a less cash economy which is also the agenda of the Modi Govt. So the innovation and introduction of Bharat QR code is a welcome initiative by the Govt. which will be beneficial for any type of payment and will end the dependency of both cash as well as cards.

 Bharat QR Code Payment System

Details about Bharat QR Code

The Govt. has developed a quick response code named the Bharat QR code for making cashless payments among peers, more convenient. This payment mechanism which is done just by scann