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Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana – Ayushman Bharat Golden Cards (AB-PMJAY) to 11 Crore Poor Families [Beneficiary List, How to Apply, Status, HHD code]

The central government has already started work on recording details of beneficiaries under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana. This elaborate health insurance scheme will allow poor people to attain high grade treatment at hospitals and super specialty private hospitals, without having to worry about the expenses. It will be the responsibility of the central health department to pay the treatment fee on behalf of the registered beneficiaries.

Ayushman-bharat cards

Importance of the Golden Card

The central government has initiated this unique scheme to offer cashless treatment facility to people who do not have the financial capability to afford it. As soon as any eligible member registers under the scheme, he/she will receive a Golden Card. This card will hold all necessary information about the beneficiary. None of the empaneled hospitals will offer the beneficiary the health insurance benefits if he/she does not possess the Golden Card. Ayushman Bharat Health Insurance Yojana beneficiaries will have to show the Golden Card at the hospital counter during their admission. This card will have updated information about

How to register for the Golden Card?

All interested applicants will have to register their names under the scheme to get the cashless treatment benefit. Before registering officially, one has to check the beneficiary list. For this, people can log on the  PMJAY Official Portal or call on the helpline number 14555. The site will allow the person to generate a search result that will highlight his/her name in the beneficiary list.

In case the name of the person is in the list, he/she will have to get to the nearest hospital and get the registration at the Ayushman Mitra counter. Here, the Ayushman Mitra will collect details from the beneficiary. These will be them be uploaded in the software. Once these details are saved, beneficiaries will be handed receive their Golden cards. Distribution of these cards has already started in several districts.

How to get the HHD number?

All interested beneficiaries will have to log on to the portal and attain their HHD code. Without this code, it will not be possible for them to successfully register under this scheme. After attaining the HHD code, applicants will have to get to the CSC centers. Here, Ayushman Mitras will take down the code along with other details, and issue the Golden Card.

How are CSC and Mera PMJAY Portal connected? (How to get Golden Card through CSC)

All eligible and interested beneficiaries will have to log on to the official portal to get the necessary HHD code. Once the beneficiary logs on the Mera PMJAY website, he/she will have to generate the unique HHD code by clicking on specific links. Coordination is necessary for the issuance of these Golden Cards. First the applicant has to attain the HHD number. This is done via online Mera Pmjay site, and constitutes only 50% of the registration process. The rest 50% will be done by the representatives at the CSC centers. All beneficiaries will have to pay Rs. 30 for this card. The CSC representatives have the responsibility to print the Golden card and get it laminated for its safekeeping.

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  1. My husband is pensioner and aged 64 and I am aged 58. As of now we have mediclaim insurance cover under his credit card group insurance. I have consulted insurance cos and understood that in case of death of my husband the policy will expire on due date and I wont be covered further. By that time I would have crossed 60 and no insurance co will be ready to give me mediclaim policy. I am home maker and depends on husbands pension only. How to cover myself under PM Ayushbhan bhava scheme. I have my mother in law aged 84

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