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Working Women Hostel Scheme

As the nation is providing various schemes and beneficiaries plans to the empowerment of the women in the society, recently the central government introduced the Working Women Hostel Scheme in order to provide proper safety to the women who are working away from the home and also who are left alone in the society.

Working Women Hostel Scheme

Working Women Hostel Scheme

The scheme was mainly proposed by the Ministry of Women & Child Development and under the minster’s governance the scheme gets implemented and so far around 950 hostels has been in operative for women and children accommodation all across the nation.

With the intention of providing better care and shelter to the women who are about the get shine in this fast paced industrial cluster of the metropolitan cities and also among the industries located in various urban and rural areas of the nation.

Financial Components

The hostel rooms which are constructed under this scheme will be two modes single bed room and double rooms. The rents for those accommodation rooms will be fixed depending upon the income of the working women.

The rents which are collected from those hostels will be managed by the State Public Work Department or by the District Collector. The collected rents will be utilized for the purpose of maintenance and to provide better services & facilities to the women hostels. This accommodation scheme is also to be including the mess and other value added facilities like daycare in nearby future.

Key points about the working women hostel scheme

  • The main motive of this scheme which is under the governance of women & child development is to provide better safety to the women and children throughout the nation. In fact the scheme also includes the facility of providing day care for those children who care left alone.
  • Under this working women hostel scheme, proper shelter will be provided by the women who are independent and doesn’t have any one in the society for their support. Women like widow and from the poor families like BPL (Below Poverty Line) whom not able to accommodate their women can get benefited under this scheme.
  • Also the scheme provides shelter to the physically challenged women who are fighting in this society for gaining their rights by proving they are equal to other people.
  • In order to make this scheme as the successful one, the governance department ‘women and child development’ is about to construct over 70 thousand special hostels for accommodating the working women across the nation.
  • The accommodation rooms which are planned to construct will be accommodate the women who are 18 years old and getting skill training apart from being employed and also the in child category the scheme will accommodate the boy child up to 5 years.
  • The hostels which are planned to be constructed by the governance department will be carried out through various cities of the states across the nation, so that it can be handy for the women who are working across the nation to be beneficial.
  • In order to sort out the women numbers to get benefited under this accommodation scheme offered by the central government of India, only the working women who are getting salary below Rs. 35K from their job will be allowed to utilized the facilities offered by the scheme. In addition to that, proper instructions and guidelines has been sent to the all the states and UT administrations by the “Women & Child Development Department”.


The scheme of providing accommodation to the working women across the nation will be useful to boost the women empowerment in the nation and it motivate more women to step ahead in the career perspective. Experts believe that this scheme will improve the women employment level to grow stronger.

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