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Whatsapp (Messages that you send to this chat is now secured with end to end encryption)

Whatsapp is one of the largest messaging platforms in this world. Used by more than 1 billion people the platform keeps updating every technical corner of the application so that people can freely use the app. Whatsapp keeps releasing updates in small intervals. Recently the sharing part of the app has updated where now you can share documents and files as well unlike before. But in recent past the biggest talk of the town was the end-to-end encryption message flashing on whatsapp. Whether you are using Android or iOS or windows – each platform shows the same message in your chat box.

Whatsapp (Messages you send to chat is now secured with end to end encryption) in Hindi

What is end-to-end encryption?

Technically by end-to-end encryption mean a secured communication. If your communication is end-to-end encrypted that means your conversation with your partner will be secured and no one can ever get to know about it. Authorities like internet providers, telecommunication providers and others cannot decrypt your conversation.

There are the exclusive keys in the end-to-end encryption system which must be known by the communicating partners not anyone else. In such system each communication key is different form the other.

What is end-to-end encryption is whatsapp?

Whatsapp is recently started flashing this message that your conversation is end-to-end encrypted. The system is launched in whatsapp to secure all your messages, images, videos, documents and audios that you share with your communicator. Whatsapp is using this system to ensure that the conversations between you and your friends are secured and no one, not even whatsapp, can read them or hack them.

Additionally whatsapp has provided a small lock icon that indicates that the person you are talking to can only see the messages and no one else. If anyone wants to read your messages then he or she will require the special key that is only known by you and your communicator.

What is security code of my contacts?

If you receive a message one day that one of your contacts changes the security code, don’t get scared or worried over the notification. It is another security system by whatsapp. If you want to know what this security code is all about you can go to contact info or group info. In the info section you will get a 60-dogit code and also a QR code which is said to be your security code of that contact only. You can verify the key with your contact so that you get to know that your conversations are end-to-end encrypted or not.

These keys are exclusive and different from others. Like key for contact 1 is completely different from key for contact 2. If you see a notification that says your contact’s security code is changed that means either your contact changed the handset or reinstalled the app.

Things to know

What to know How to get
End-to-end encryption messages Update the app to get a latest version
Security code In the contact / Group info section
Verification Scan the QR code or match the 60-digit number with your communicator

Whatsapp (Messages that you send to this chat is now secured with end to end encryption) in Hindi

यह मैसेज मेरे व्हाट्सप्प चैट पर अभी आ रहा है।  में बहुत उत्सुक था यह जान्ने के लिए की इस का मतलब क्या है और इस से किस ही तरीके से मुज़हे कोई परेशानी टी नहीं।  क्या इस इशू के कारन मेरे डेटा पहले सेफ नहीं था।  तो इस का उत्तर यह है की हा पहले तो भी चीज़ आप चैट करते थे व्हाट्सप्प मैं सो सेफ नहीं था एंड उसे कोई भी हैकर आसानी से पड़ सकता था परन्तु अब इस फीचर के आने के बाद आपका डेटा सेफ है।

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