US Dropped GBU-43B (Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb) in Afghanistan


US Dropped GBU-43B( MOAB, Massive Ordnance Air Blast, Mother of all Bomb, Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb)  in Afghanistan

The reason why it is hard to hit ISIS terrorists is that they move under the cover. USA, being very aware of the situation has carried out a major offensive in Afghanistan where she has dropped the MOAB – the largest bomb in US arsenal. MOAB is non-nuclear and before this, USA never used it except for a test drop.

Basic Details of GBU-43 Bomb

1 Particlulars Details
2 Name GBU-43B ,Massive Ordnance Air Blast, Mother of All Bombs
3 Class Conventional Weapon
4 Type Air Non Nuclear Bomb
5 Origin US
6 Active Years 2003-Present
7 Owned Air force US
8 Developed By Albert L. Weimorts, Jr.
9 Designed By Lockheed C-130 Hercules
10 Design Year 2002
11 Produce Year 2003
12 First Test 11/03/2003
13 Range 70
14 Area Eglin Air Force Base Florida
15 One More test 21/11/2003
16 First Final Used 13 /04/ 2017
17 Area Afghanistan
18 Weight 10300000 grams
19 Length 918.85 CM
20 Diameter 103 cm
21 Filling H-6
22 Filling weight 8,500 kg (18,700 lb)
23 Blast yield 11 tons TNT (46 GJ)


GBU-43 (Mother of all Bomb, Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb)

The idea behind dropping this MOAB was to damage the thick defenses of tunnels and bunkers that are used by ISIS-affiliated militants in Afghanistan for freely moving around. Such defensive tunnels make it difficult for any counter-terrorist moves made by any country.

US Officials Speak

Adam Stump, who is the current Pentagon spokesman said in a statement that MOAB or the GBU-43 has been used by America in a direct combat for first time ever. Loosely referred to as ‘mother of all bombs’, MOAB actually stands for Massive Ordnance Air Blast. MC-130 is the aircraft that was tasked with the responsibility of dropping the bomb in designated cave complex located in Afghanistan. The bomb was dropped exactly at 7 PM, Afghan time.

According to Pentagon, the blueprint for this US offensive was already tabled several months earlier and that the development of the plan was taking place in stages. However, Pentagon clearly stated that they have no idea whether this offensive was actually planned when Barack Obama was in power or not.

General John W. Nicholson, who is currently the commander of United States forces stationed in Afghanistan, said that the offensive strike by US using the MOAB has actually increased the losses for ISIS-K and reduced the obstacles that US forces are facing against ISIS because of their continued use of tunnels and bunkers.

Pentagon also gave the report that USA took every possible precaution to ensure that the MOAB didn’t cause any casualties among the civilians. However, Pentagon clarified that USA will keep striking in Afghanistan unless and until all ISIS militants have been wiped out from the country.

Where Was the Bomb Detonated?

MOAB or the Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb is actually a massive bomb that is made up using 11 tons or 21,000 lbs. of explosive materials. The actual purpose for which the idea of bomb was conceived, according to Donald Rumsfeld – former Secretary of Defense, was a non-nuclear deterrent in case it was required while dealing with Saddam Hussein.

Air Force Research Laboratory Munitions Directorate is the place where the bomb was produced in-house after its first creation. It was at the directorate that the prototype production of the bomb took place.

The US aircraft MC-130 dropped the bomb in Nangarhar’sAchin district of Afghanistan. The area is close to Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan.

GBU-43B Test Video

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