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UK launches new pilot visa scheme for overseas students

There is a great news for the all the aspiring students who want to have some selected Masters Degree education in United Kingdom. A new pilot visa scheme has been introduced by the UK Govt. which will be beneficial for all the students of overseas countries who are enrolling for the selected Master degree courses in UK’s top educational institutions. A major chunk of these overseas students in United Kingdom are from India and other South Asian countries. This pilot visa period will be for a maximum of six months from the date of course completion by the overseas students in UK.

UK launches new pilot visa scheme for overseas students

Sl. No. Fields Information
1 Duration of pilot visa 6 months
2 Courses applicable Masters Degree with maximum course period of 13 months.
3 Universities applicable 1. Cambridge University,

2. Oxford University

3. Bath University

4. Imperial College, London

4 Academic sessions applicable 2016–2017 and 2017–2018.

Which universities are participating in this Tier – 4 Visa Pilot scheme?

Only the top and premier universities are included in this pilot visa project by the UK Govt. The Home Office of United Kingdom has released a list of premier universities of UK where the overseas students will get this special visa facility. The top three universities of the United Kingdom – Cambridge University, Oxford University and Both University are in the list of the released names of Universities which will grant this pilot visa to the overseas students who will enrol themselves in the one year Master degree courses. In addition to this, the Imperial College, London will also provide this unique scheme to its overseas students.

Eligibility of the Pilot Visa scheme

The Pilot Visa scheme for the duration of added 6 months after the completion of course has some eligibility criteria defined by the Home Office of UK. This scheme will be applicable only for the above mentions colleges / universities and the courses will be only Masters Degree. The time duration of completing the master degree course must be less than or equal to 13 months. Courses with time schedule, more than 13 months will not be entertained for the pilot visa. The scheme will be applicable only for the subsequent two academic sessions i.e. 2016 – 2017 and 2017 – 2018. As the UK govt. is starting this scheme on an experimental basis, if it becomes fruitful, then only it will be commenced further in the next years. Those overseas students, who have applied for student visas on or after 25th July, 2016 will be eligible to join the scheme.

Analysis of Indian students going UK for higher studies

As per official records, there has been a major decline in the number of students opting for higher education in the colleges of United Kingdom. In the academic session of 2011 – 2012, a total of 18,535 Indian students applied for students’ visa and joined the colleges of UK for higher studies. But in 2012, the UK Home Office took a decision to drop the post – study visa policy for overseas students which became one of the major hindrances for the Indian as well as other foreign students to UK. As a result of which, the total number of Indian students registering for UK higher education and applying for students’ visas dropped to 10,235. Hence, the Indian students started preferring other options like New Zealand, Australia and the United States where they would get post study visa so that they can look for a career there.

Benefits of Pilot Visa scheme of United Kingdom

As a grace period of 6 months will be given to the overseas students applying for Masters Degree in top UK colleges and universities, there will be a major hike in the number of students applying from all over the world to those courses in UK. The extra grace visa period will help them to start entrepreneurship or perform some sort of internship. Hence the students’ career prospects to settle and get employment will get brighter. Also this scheme do not requires any heavy extra paper works.

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