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Jharkhand Women to Receive Support Through the Tejaswini Scheme

The Tejaswini Scheme has been introduced for the use of women throughout Jharkhand. About Rs. 600 crore is to be used in the scheme. Appropriately enough, this scheme was introduced on International Women Day.

Jharkhand Women to Receive Support Through the Tejaswini Scheme

The World Bank is also supporting a part of the scheme. The World Bank is working to make it easier for the scheme to be operated. This is also to help keep the burden of the cost from being too extreme on the local government. This is a key point of the scheme that will influence how well different functions may work within their lives and how they will get the support they need for completing a variety of jobs.

The Main Goal

The effort of the Tejaswini Scheme is to help women to improve upon their lives. This especially works by offering more educational opportunities to women who may potentially benefit from them.

There are many efforts that are being used in the scheme:

  • Women are being encouraged to get into a variety of jobs. These include jobs in the fields of fishing and agriculture. These include many jobs that have been dominated by men for the most part over the years.
  • Educational support is being promoted to women. Much of this includes efforts to get more women into a variety of positions that they may be interested in getting into.
  • About one lakh women who are working as entrepreneurs are expected to receive smartphones. This is to help them with communicating with others while also supporting the overall efforts of the country to move into a new digital era.

This is all to be run in about 17 of the 24 districts of Jharkhand. This is also designed for women from 14 to 24 years of age. These are points where they may start businesses and potentially get into schools around India.

Who Is Eligible?

Women who are from 14 to 24 years old can apply for the scheme. Also, women who live in some of the more rural parts of the state will be eligible to get into the scheme. This is to help them get the most out of the efforts they have got getting through the scheme and managing what they might find.

How to Apply

Applications for the scheme will be made available at various schools around the state. The 189 middle schools around the state will receive added support through the program. These include 22 schools in Devgarh plus twelve more in Plamu. The efforts being marketed in the region are especially being designed to help with making it easier for the government to get the word out on the scheme to as many people as possible.

A Key For Women

By offering the Tejaswini Scheme, it will be easier for women to get the support that they demand for many needs. This is to help them with getting the educational support that they need in order to succeed in today’s world. The strong work being promoted in the scheme is especially to help with improving upon how women can develop and to do more with their lives in general. All women in Jharkhand who are of the age of eligibility are encouraged to see what the Tejaswini Scheme has to offer for them.

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