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Tamil Nadu Government launches Amma Baby Care Kit Scheme

The year 2015 would be market as one of the most developing years in the history of Indian governance.  With Modi government taking up at the center, each state government is doing something or the other to please and alleviate the living conditions of its citizens.  In the same line, Tamil Nadu government has started with Amma Baby Care Kit Scheme.

The scheme is launched for mothers who are delivering in government hospitals.  A Baby Care kit would be provided to the mothers delivering baby that would include basic stuff like hand sanitizer, a doll, a nail cutter, a baby shampoo, a napkin, an infant mattress, a mosquito net, a towel, etc.  These are the things that are usually required by any household when a baby is born.

Tamil Nadu Government launches Amma Baby Care Kit Scheme

In fact, this is not the only scheme launched by the government of Tamil Nadu this year.  The Chief Minister had launched more than 350 breastfeeding rooms at various bus terminals of the state.  She also went ahead to launch and initiate milk banks in several government hospitals.  The government is taking the issues of healthcare for women and children in its top priority.

When Jayalalitha became the chief minister of Tamil Nadu for the first time in year 1992, she had launched the Baby Cradle Scheme in order to address the issue of sex ratio in the state.  That scheme went a long way in ensuring that mothers and children are given proper attention not only by the families and society but by the state government as well.

That was actually the time when abortions were rampant in the state and this scheme certainly brought the sex ratio to an appreciable level.  This model, we hear was later adopted by a number of state government.  Hence, we can say that Jayalalitha has always been pro-children and pro-women when it comes to governance.

Going with the social welfare initiatives, the chief minister became the first chief minister of India to make few police stations in the state to be solely run by the women staff.  This she did by introducing a 30 per cent reservation in police services for the women of the state.  She has also launched free sanitary napkin scheme in the state earlier.

As a result of so many social welfare and child and women welfare scheme, the state has seen a significant decline in the Infant Mortality rate of the state since the year 2005.  The initiatives and accomplishments of the state in terms of childcare has made the state stand among six proud states of India recognized by the UNICEF.

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