{swayam.gov.in} Swayam Free Online Course Registration Login( e-education Portal)


{swayam.gov.in} Swayam Free Online Course Registration Login DTH Channel List e-education Portal

The Govt. of India has developed an e-education portal named as Swayam which will have a vast selection of online course materials and tutorials. The courses may be related to academic or may be vocational which are useful for bagging jobs. The initiative will not only allow the government to digitize the education system of the country, but also may bring students and learners from pan India under one streamlined education portal.

swayam.gov.in free online Course Registration Login DTH Channel List

The Swayam portal which has already been implemented has been co-founded by the Ministry of HRD in collaboration with the AICTE and Microsoft.

Aim and objective

Apart from the need to digitize the education system in the country, the main motto of the Swayam portal will be to provide those students and beneficiaries, their right to education and empowerment who are unable to join the mainstream education structure. Apart from that, this solution will also provide opportunity to the working class to nurture their working skills through various professional and vocational courses and certification programmes.

Key features

  • All courses will be hosted in a single web portal named the https://swayam.gov.in. tutorials are available right from Class 9th Standard and up to post graduation.
  • All tutorials and course materials may be accessed free of cost through this Swayam portal. The main advantage of this portal is that beneficiaries may access these study materials anywhere and anytime. So there is no mandate of attending classes regularly.
  • The courses on this platform are precisely designed and are made interactive which will grow interest of learning among the students. Old traditional studying techniques are not implemented in this system.
  • The study materials offered here have been developed by top faculties from premier institutions of the country. As per records, more than a thousand teachers and researchers are actively involved in this project.
  • National Coordinators for designing the course materials are working on the Swayam portal such as – IGNOU for open schooling, CEC which is looking after the under graduate courses, UGC responsible for the post graduate courses, NION and NCERT looking after the courses designed for school students. The engineering and technical training courses are being managed by the NPTEL.
  • The Swayam portal apart from providing free tutorials, also provides certifications which needs registration to the courses and a nominal fee. Each course will have proper examination which will yield credit scores which will be transferred to the main academic record of the candidates. A record total of 76 universities have made agreement of transferring the Swayam credit scores for their students.
  • Apart from the website, one mobile application named the Swayam App is also available through which one may access the tutorials in their mobile phones. The app is available for Android, Windows and iPhone users.
  • The Government has also decided to offer the courses in Hindi as well as other regional languages so that the citizens who are not well accounted with English may also get full benefit. As per latest reports, more than 30 courses will be available in regional languages.
  • At present, the Swayam portal has a total of 670 courses, which the government is expected to increase to 1,500 by 2018.The aim is to get more than 1 crore students registered under this open source online education portal.

How to enroll for Swayam

Below are the steps by which one may easily enroll to the open source online education portal – Swayam:

  1. Visit the official Swayam portal – https://swayam.gov.in. For new one time registration, proceed with the “REGISTER” option.
  2. One may choose either registering with user name and password. Or one may also opt for registration through accounts of Facebook/Google/Microsoft.
  3. Provide the First name, surname, display name, e-mail address, user name and password. One e-mail verification will be done when clicking the “Send Verification Code” option.
  4. After e-mail verification, proceed with the “CREATE” option which will successfully register you to the Swayam portal. The registration details will be sent via e-mail.
  5. After registration process is over, update your profile by providing your gender, learning objective, age, mobile number, education qualification, occupation, nationality, state, etc. in the next form. Also set a security question and answer in case of password recovery.
  6. The Swayam portal provides a dashboard where one may see the courses on offer and the ongoing course schedule.


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