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Swasthya Samiksha mobile app launched to track women’s reproductive health

In India women are not in good conditions. They suffer with lot of diseases and lot of them die during their pregnancy because of lack of treatment. And Most of women are not aware about their health. So women need to be take attention towards their health because if they are healthy only then they can give birth to health children. Now as government launches many scheme so government is also aware about women health.

S.No Things Need to know about the Swasthya Samiksha App Detailed Information
1 Scheme Name Swasthya Samiksha
2 In which mode did the scheme Implemented? In mobile application format
3 When did the Swasthya Samiksha App launched 24th of November 2016
4 Aim To Assist MPs to trace Women’s Health
5 Its and Initiatives Taken under Digital India Scheme

Swasthya Samiksha mobile application

So that A few days after launching prime minister’s ‘Modi APP’, the government set up the Swasthya Samiksha mobile application for the women health. The members of parliament members get the extra work of tracking the health of women’s from the respective constituency of parliament members with the reports of Swasthya Samiksha mobile application. This app will help the Members of Parliament supervise the maternal health connected indicators in their constituencies. So after tracking they will be able provide more facilities among the maternal. After this chances that women get more maternal health treatment and their health will also get improved.

Swasthya Samiksha mobile app launched to track women’s reproductive health

Current Situation of Swasthya Samiksha Plan

  • At present government tried this Swasthya Samiksha plan in few state and these states are Bihar, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh. Resources said that after success of this plan in these state government plans to implement this in other states of the nation so that women across the country will get benefited with this scheme by improving their health.
  • Right now, the application for this Swasthya Samiksha plan is still in trial phase which will offer district wise data for the respective state and deal with women health problem district wise based upon that data.
  • This mobile app is developed by some private organization which will add maximum features in the app in nearby future, so that Members of Parliament can track women’s reproductive health in their constituencies and bring improvement. This mobile app will be know with the name Swasthya Samiksha which is only for the Members of Parliament

Swasthya Samiksha application one of the strong initiatives taken by the central government of India in order to track the women’s health on district wise with aid of the smart phones. With the authentic reports received with the help of Swasthya Samiksha mobile application government plans to launch effective health care policy for women across the nation especially for those who are need of proper medical care during their pregnancy.

After tracking data via Swasthya Samiksha application, its duty of Parliament Members to provide proper health facilities to all the women under their constituencies who actually in need of medical facilities. As 50 % of women in our country are not aware about their health, so it is also duty of Parliament Members to alter them about their health and make them to get proper treatment on time. Because of this App the women death rate will also decrease in the country.


No doubt this is good startup by the government and it will give lot of benefit to women and it is expected that this app will be launch soon. As trail basis the Swasthya Samiksha mobile application has been launched in 4 states in order to track the women’s health on basis of district wise from those selected 4 states of the nation.

On witness the practical difficulties and the successive rate of this Swasthya Samiksha mobile application, both central and state government plans to implement this scheme to all states of the nation to get more authentic data over the women’s health.

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