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Surge pricing (Flexi fare) for Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatabdi

Well, there was an issue with the price hike of railway tickets in the recent news and it is needless to say that the common people are not really pleased with the decision of the central government. Though this has not yet been confirmed that to what extent the price of railway tickets shall be increased. But this news has definitely increased the disappointment of the common people towards the central government. At present, one more news has come up that says the railway ticket price for certain trains is again going to be increased depending on the demands of the trains.

  • The details about flexi fare

To be really specific, the government is planning for the flexi fare price. This is also known as the surge pricing for the specific trains like Rajdhani, Duranto and Shatabdi. And this new development shall come into force from September 9th of 2016. Now this was not really expected from the government. Because the surge pricing or the flexi fare system is going to increase the ticket price of these trains if the demands of the trains are increased. This new flexi fare system is similar to the fare systems used in Ola and Uber rides. In this system, the prices of services go up in direct proportion of the demand of the product.

Surge pricing for Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatabdi

  • A press release

As stated by the press release of the railway ministry, it was mentioned that the base price of these train fares shall increase 10% with every 10% of the berths sold after a certain limit. But at the same time there will not be any changes within the ticket fares of 1AC and EC class of travel. The changes in fare shall be implemented after 9th September. And one major relief for the passengers is, the revised fares shall not be implemented for the seats that have been already booked in advance. The vacant berths till date will be booked under the current fares.

  • No changes in bookings before 9th September

The tickets under current booking fares shall be available at the last price for that particular class and any other charges like the reservation fees, catering charges, and service taxes shall be levied in full. The last price for every class of tickets for specific trains shall be printed within charts for charging the difference of fare in the train. When the 20% of the tickets are sold, the price for the next lot shall go up by 1.2 times for the next 10% of the tickets. When half of the tickets are booked in a train, the next 50% of the tickets shall be booked at the price of 1.5 times more than the base price for the 2S, sleeper and the 2AC coaches. And it will be 1.4 times more for the 3AC coaches. The revised fares shall not be applicable for the already purchased tickets, even passengers on waiting, will not have to pay revised price if their bookings are made before 9th September.

Now, if the surge pricing are implemented then, the passengers will be informed in case the lower class seats shall cost more than fancier coach. So that the passenger can opt for upgradation. There will be no allotment for the premium or the Tatkal quota. Overall the response has been mixed, let us now wait for the final implementation and we are going to update you about how people are reacting about this flexi fare price system. 

A tabular overview of the surge pricing facts for Rajdhani, Duranto and Shatabdi express

SL NO Facts to know Brief details
1. Total trains 42 Rajdhani trains, 46 Shatabdi and 54 Duranta trains
2. Vacant berths The vacant berths during charting shall be offered for current bookings.
3. Tatkal quotas No additional charges.

And berths booked under Tatkal quota shall be charged at 1.5 times the base fare.

4. Premium Tatkal Quota No availability of such facility
5. Refund rules No change in the present refund policy.
6. Limitation in price hike The third AC price cannot exceed above 40% of base ticket price.
7. Executive class No change in fare price.

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